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With the development of industry and technology, "intelligence" has become an important direction for industrial transformation. The application of industrial control display touch screens has begun to become more and more widespread, mainly in the fields of industrial automation display, military, and industrial handheld equipment. It is designed and produced according to the technical requirements of professional display equipment. Because of the complexity of the industrial environment, its impact Display touch screens have high requirements.

Industrial LCD touch screens have high standards for service life, performance, technical support and other aspects. With their excellent performance, they have been widely recognized by people and are currently the most high-end and ideal touch. LCD screen.

Capacitive touch screen

The capacitive touch screen can be simply regarded as a screen composed of four layers of composite screens: the outermost layer is a glass protective layer, followed by a conductive layer, the third layer is a non-conductive glass screen, and the fourth innermost layer It is also a conductive layer. The innermost conductive layer is the shielding layer, which plays the role of shielding the internal electrical signals. The middle conductive layer is the key part of the entire touch screen. There are direct leads on the four corners or sides to detect the position of the touch point. Reshine Display offers projected capacitive touch screen technology (PCAP) from 1.44-inch,2.4-inch, 2.8-inch, 3.5-inch, 4.0-inch,4.3-inch, 5-inch,6-inch, 7-inch,8-inch,10.1-inch,10.4-inch,11.6 -inch,12.1-inch,13.3-inch,15.6-inch till to 32 inch . We also provide custom capacitive touchscreens according to the requirements of customers,we can custom the size&color of cover glass,and FPC ,and add Anti-glare,Anti-reflection,Anti-fingerprint surface treatment on the touch screen.Also,we can custom super thick (8mm) cover lense,and support waterproof function.

Resistive touch screen

Resistive touch screen is a kind of sensor, which is basically a structure of thin film and glass. The adjacent sides of the thin film and glass are coated with ITO (Nano Indium Tin Metal Oxide) coating. ITO has good conductivity and transparency Sex. Its working principle is mainly through the principle of pressure sensing to realize the operation and control of the screen content. Reshine Display designs and manufactures 4-wire & 5-wire, 3 &4 layers and multi-touch resistive touchscreen products from 1.44 inch to 15.6 inch for a wide variety of industries including medical, aerospace, industrial and retail. Whether your project requires enhanced optics, advanced functionality or multi-touch capabilities, our resistive touchscreens can be manufactured to meet your specifications.

TFT LCD Display with Resistive touch screen

Reshine supports air bonding and optical bonding bonding. And customization is wellcomed. Please send us your specific requirements,we will provide you with a details quotation.

Reshine can provide a high-brightness, wide-temperature, and ultra-long-life LCD screen with a capacitive-resistive touch screen that supports wide-temperature, high-static testing, dust, oil, and pollution resistance. This allows customers' products to operate normally in an industrial environment.


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