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1. Resistance touch navigation system:

The advantage of the car navigation with resistive touch screen is that its screen and control system are relatively cheap, and the response sensitivity is very good, and whether it is a four-wire resistive touch screen or a five-wire resistive touch screen, their working environment is completely isolated from the outside world and are not afraid of dust,and water vapor, can adapt to various harsh environments. It can be touched with any object and has good stability.

The disadvantage of the resistance touch screen of car navigation is that the outer film of the resistance touch screen is easily scratched and the touch screen is unusable. The multi-layer structure will cause a lot of light loss. For handheld devices, it is usually necessary to increase the backlight source to compensate for the poor light transmittance. , But this will also increase battery consumption.

2. Capacitive touch navigation system:


Capacitive touch screens only need touch, not pressure to generate signals; capacitive solutions have a longer lifespan, because the components in capacitive touch screens do not require any movement, and light loss and system power consumption are superior to resistive technology; capacitive technology is resistant Wear and tear, long life, and low maintenance costs when used by users, so the overall operating expenses of the manufacturer can be further reduced.

Although the light transmittance and clarity of capacitive touch screens are better than that of four-wire resistive screens, they certainly can’t be compared with surface acoustic wave screens and five-wire resistive screens. However, the capacitive screen has serious reflections, and the four-layer composite touch screen of the capacitive technology has uneven light transmittance to light of various wavelengths, and there is a problem of color distortion. The reflection of light between layers also causes blurring of image characters.


Generally speaking, whether to choose a resistive touch system or a capacitive touch system, it still needs to be determined by combining the functional requirements of the product itself and the corresponding target customer market.

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