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With the development of industry and technology, "intelligence" has become an important direction for industrial transformation. The application of industrial control display touch screens has begun to become more and more widespread, mainly in the fields of industrial automation display, military, and industrial handheld equipment. It is designed and produced according to the technical requirements of professional display equipment. Because of the complexity of the industrial environment, its impact Display touch screens have high requirements.

Industrial LCD touch screens have high standards for service life, performance, technical support and other aspects. With their excellent performance, they have been widely recognized by people and are currently the most high-end and ideal touch. LCD screen.

Reshine can provide a high-brightness, wide-temperature, and ultra-long-life LCD screen with a capacitive-resistive touch screen that supports wide-temperature, high-static testing, dust, oil, and pollution resistance. This allows customers' products to operate normally in an industrial environment.

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