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From the early ATM ticket loading touch screen, to nowadays advanced AIO, tablet, mobile phone or laptop load even intelligent man-machine interface design, in addition to the traditional electronic touch screen, a new capacitive touch screen material is sensing application optimized for light transmission.

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Touch screen in early application, applies not only to the application using the keyboard, mouse, developers will be listed as the optimization of man-machine interface equipment, as the man-machine interface, touch screen has low threshold, easy operation, intuitive to learn collocation of GUI design can provide a more convenient information service, and in the middle of the first generation of imports of Apple iPhone capacitive touch screen, touch screen mobile phone of small volume, smart/MP3 player, equipped with the tablet, this wave of touch screen design trends to blow deformation tablets, AIO computers, laptops and other products, through the terminal information products touch screen man-machine interface upgrade E optimization experience.

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With the difference principle according to the main divided into resistive, capacitive touch screen, the wave (ultrasonic and infrared) and several kinds of technology, the embedded touch in the different contact principle of detection and analysis of different touch technology, due to the different levels of technology, market demand and consumption difference also leads to different touch technology in the application of performance and actual import material cost difference, especially with resistive touch technology, because technology usage has become the largest limit principle applied in touch technology, low order or special applications demand, but the light transmittance is better, tactile experience E capacitive touch directly, because the use of the mobile phone has become a technology import. Volume surge, multi-touch technology solution.

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Basically according to the principle of touch screen is different, divided into resistance, capacitance, wave (sound wave, infrared ray) and so on. The resistive touch screen is made of two layers of transparent film, the inside of which is plated with indium tin oxide conductive layer, the upper layer and the lower layer of isolation insulation ball. But the end user presses the screen with a finger or prompt, pressing the upper membrane on the screen to deform. The resistance after contact with the conductive layer is caused by the difference in the resistance value.

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Through mechanical form resistive touch screens tracking data suppression, even if the conductive layer and the insulating film to use more durable materials, but local compression area, click on the contact for many times, can also lead to mechanical structure fatigue, aging and even lead to deformation contact tracking error action, judgment and detection of the contact data error.

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But the special advantage of mechanical structure is resistive touch screen, especially in high weatherability, high unfavorable surgical or special occasions, the use of resistive touch screen design can make the terminal operators only need to rely on sharp objects or fingers (or press without wearing gloves). You can determine the contact, even if in support multi-touch resistive touch screens, facilitating mechanical fatigue caused by using limit, but it is still the most important industrial computer, human-machine interface (HMI) touch screen terminal, ATM, ALS has not been interrupted by the application of multi-touch support and more durable material sensing layer in the ATM booth outdoor booth, and the demand for related materials has not been interrupted. ALS is just the demand for special purpose materials with high market price and cost, but a small amount of demand.

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