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The resistive screen, whose full name is resistive touch screen, is a kind of sensor, widely used in mobile phone touch screen. Mobile phone touch screen is generally divided into the resistive screen and capacitance screen. In those early days, people choose resistive screen for  smartphones, because its price is low, and the screen is not affected by dust, moisture and oil, can be in low or high temperature environment, we are more familiar with the Nokia 5230 with resistance screen; Nowadays, iPhones and others use more advanced capacitive screens that support multi-touch and high accuracy, so resistive screens are now only for emulational mobile phones.

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The biggest advantage of resistive touch screen is that its screen and control system are relatively cheap, response sensitivity is better, and whether it is four-wire resistive touch screen or five-wire resistive touch screen, they are in a completely isolated working environment, not afraid of dust and moisture, can adapt to a variety of harsh environment. It can be touched by any object and has good stability.

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The disadvantage is that the outer film of the resistive touch screen is easy to be scratched, which makes the touch screen unusable. The multi-layer structure will lead to great light loss. For handheld devices, it is usually necessary to increase the back light source to compensate for the poor light transmittance.

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I think we all had the experience of using resistive screen, which relies on the pressure on the screen for sensing, in the early days, the phones are always equipped with handwriting stylus for the convenience of pressing. In the use of the screen should be often calibrated, it will be more convenient to use. The friends who have used the resistance screen must have the resistance screen failure, when clicking on the screen, the reaction is slow, inaccurate, sometimes it is completely bad, how to deal with this situation?

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The first thing to do is to check whether the fault of the phone is about the hardware or software. If it is due to software, it is recommended that you swipe the phone frequently, update the software and calibrate the phone frequently. If it is due to the hardware, according to the damage of the screen, some of you may be pressing too hard to make the screen sink in, then you can try to disassemble the phone by yourself, loose the front case of the phone, to avoid pressing the touch screen too tight. Recently we see a friend recommends a new method, you can have a try if your phone is going to break down, the specific operation steps are as follows:

It must be a resistive screen; Choose lighter electronics, remember not to choose 220V AC, first to ensure the safety of the person; Turn on electric shock, where does not work, remember not to hit the mobile phone metal parts, which will damage the electronic components of the mobile phone. The above is what we introduced to you to deal with the resistance screen failure, you can use it according to their own situation, if it is still not easy to fix it, here we recommend you to buy a new phone screen.

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