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4 Wire Projected Capacitive Touch Screen

Industrial touch screen display is used in the industrial display with touch function. So how to solve the problem when touch is not sensitive? Let's first look at the reasons why touch screens don't work, and then try to figure out what to do about it.

Fault 1: mouse and arrow do not coincide, phenomenon: finger touch position and mouse arrow does not coincide. Analysis: after installing the drive, there is no vertical touch of the center of the bull's eye when correcting the position. The signal wire on the touch screen has poor contact or broken circuit. Treatment method: recalibrate the position; Find breakpoints reconnect or replace the touch screen.

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Fault 2: accuracy and deviation of the touch screen. Phenomenon: the mouse arrow always stays in a certain position when not touched. When touched, the mouse arrow is in the middle of the touch point and the original stop point. Analysis: the effective working area of the resistive touch screen with foreign matter (non-active touch). Solution: remove the foreign matter from the effective working area of the resistive touch screen.

Cheap 4 Wire Capacitive Touch Screen

Fault 3: no response when touching, phenomenon: the mouse arrow has no action when you are touching the screen, no change in position. Touch screen malfunction. Touch screen control card malfunction. The touch screen signal cable is out of order. Computer host serial port failure. The computer's operating system broke down. Touch screen drive installation error.

The resistive touch mouse moves only in a small area or the resistive touch screen is not allowed: generally, this will happen in the first installation of the drive, please run the touch screen calibration procedure. After changing the resolution of the display, the touch screen calibration program (start-program) must also be run.

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The mouse has been in the four sides of the display at a certain point because the resistance screen touch area (resistance screen surface is divided into touch area and non-touch area, click on the non-touch area there is no reaction) by the display shell or cabinet shell pressure, equivalent to a point has been touched. If the cabinet housing presses the touch area, you can increase the distance between the cabinet and the display screen. If the display housing presses the touch area, you can try to loosen the screw of the display housing. If it still fails, please contact the manufacturer.

Above is the fault analysis and solution for industrial touch screen which is not working, the operator must standardize the operation, when encountering the fault, please ask for professional to help, do not arbitrarily dismantle the machine inspection.

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