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Types of LCD Resistive Touch Screen

Resistive touch screen can be touched by object like the stylus, and widely applied for industrial use. Today we will briefly introduce the calibration method of resistive touch screen.

The cross section construction of resistive touch screen is simple. Two pieces of glass are brought together to form a sandwich, and the inner glass surface has been coated with a thin layer of conductive material. Small glass beads maintain nominal separation between conductive surfaces. When a finger or stylus is pressed against a glass surface, the material bends just enough to make contact with the next piece. In this configuration, the spacing between the beads determines the screen's sensitivity. The closer the beads are to each other, the pressure that must be applied on the top of the glass sheet will bend enough to make contact.

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Equivalent resistance circuit: the touch screen controller (digitizer or A/D) applies the action of A potentiometer at both ends of one conductive layer of V source and at the other conductive layer of the opposite sheet of glass. The value of the VTEST read by the digitizer depends on the contact of the moving and conductive surfaces of the glass. The controller then converts the voltage readings into binary Numbers, for example, the x-coordinate at which this point is touched on the screen. The voltage applied to the end of the second surface and to the first side ACTS as a wiper, producing a value representing the Y coordinate.

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The controller can collect 200 or more samples per second. The sampling rate usually depends on background noise and the quality of the controller. An intelligent controller can also include useful functions, such as the ability to interrupt the processor's touch when detected, and the ability as a set, as long as the screen on the screen is moved. The screen is not touched when the device is idle.

Several sources of error effects caused by touch screen controllers. The most important sources of errors are electrical noise, mechanical deviations, and scaling factors. User habits may also play a role if, for example, a finger or instrument is used to activate the screen without maintaining continuous contact or pressure opposition. These errors can produce useless data and all need to be compensated if the touch screen data is useful.

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Electrical noise is ubiquitous in various electrical systems caused by thermal or electromagnetic effects and system design defects. In the case of touch display, due to the high input impedance of the input/output front circuit, analog-to-digital conversion is particularly prone to electrical noise. In addition to carefully laying out printed circuit boards containing touch screen controllers, noise problems are usually addressed by adding low-pass filtering to the input/output processing. The software also involves rescue, usually discarding one or two of the least important bits of a/number conversion and implementing algorithms to eliminate data points from sampling that fall outside the permitted range. The same software algorithm eliminates errors.

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