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Analog Resistive Touch Screen Panel Display

Because resistive touch screens are now readily available and the price has fallen over time, the technology is becoming more widely available. In order to choose the best touch screen technology, application designers must consider application requirements in depth.

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Resistive touch-screen technology requires a simple printed circuit board design, unlike capacitive and inductive touch-screen technologies, which require etching of electrodes or coils on printed circuit boards. Because the touch screen is directly covered by the display screen, the printed circuit board space required for mechanical switches or capacitive touch-key electrodes can be saved. It is recommended not to use resistive touch screens in harsh environments, such as mining or construction sites with frequent explosions or excessive dust. Very few breakages on resistive touch screens will also affect touch accuracy and linearity.

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There are two main forms of resistive touch sense: software touch sense solution and special touch screen controller chip. In the software touch sensing solution, the microcontroller is responsible for all touch detection and coordinate calculation tasks. The software algorithm based on microcontroller uses the internal microcontroller to measure the voltage at the touch position, performing the touch detection function and coordinate processing function.

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In the special touch screen controller, the controller initiates an interrupt request to the system host (microcontroller) to detect the touch event and outputs the digital data representing the touch coordinates. The master processor (MCU) then reads the digital data and performs the desired operation commands.

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Design methods based on MCU calculation parameters require the main processor to be very fast in order to manage frequent touch operations. This is not a very reliable design for fast touch detection applications. Since there is no data averaging and touch detection delay function, the detection accuracy of this kind of design is relatively low. The special touch screen controller chip with data sampling, average measurement value, touch detection delay configuration and digital touch coordinate calculation function is the real touch screen controller. These chips are easy to integrate into product design and have higher performance.

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