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With the use of touch all-in-one machine in the market, infrared touch screen is the most common one in the larger touch screen all-in-one machine at present. But there are also capacitive touch screens that respond to infrared.

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The principle of infrared touch is to transmit XY lines through infrared light tube, and the touch point is the sensing coordinate. Infrared touch advantages are that there is no current, voltage and classical interference, suitable for harsh environmental conditions (dustproof and explosion proof), long service life, long touch life. No special requirements for touch body. In addition, it also has a high degree of stability and will not drift due to changes in time and environment.

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Capacitive touch screen is a transparent relative positioning system, firstly it must be transparent. It supports multi-touch, making the operation more intuitive and interesting. Since capacitive touch screen needs to sense the current of the human body, only the human body can operate it, and there will be no corresponding contact with other objects, so the possibility of wrong contact is basically avoided.

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With the increasing maturity of domestic infrared technology, infrared touch has strong adaptability to the use environment. Infrared touch control technology is more and more widely used in touch all-in-one machine industry. The capacitive touch screen is not a real screen, but a component mounted on top of the LCD. Capacitor screen is a transparent tempered glass in appearance. Furthermore, they cannot be compared horizontally because they are not the same kind of parts. Most phones have both screens.

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A capacitive touch screen is a touch screen that is transparent like glass, which does not display anything and does not emit light. The TFT screen is the real screen. TFT is one of the most widely used liquid crystal display material, mainly used in the low-end display field, especially for mobile phone application. TFT LCD is a thin film transistor LCD, which is a kind of display screen. It has no touch sensing function and can only be used to display images.

Today's phones typically use both screens, which overlap up and down. The TFT LCD displays the image, while the capacitive touch screen senses the user.

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