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Now with the development of science and technology, the mobile phone is developing rapidly, Throughout the development process of the mobile phone, it has experienced several big changes, the function of the machine from the early era, that mobile phones are the keyboard type, then the smartphone began to rise, early smartphone is press type, development of smart phones are equipped with touch screen up to now. If we look at these three developments, the way mobile phones are now used is by touching our skin.

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The common touch screen nowadays is divided into two types, one is resistive touch screen, another is the capacitive touch screen. The resistive screen was the first to be used by MOTOROLA, and it was the screen that Nokia came up with because it wanted to save money. However, the use of capacitive screen is represented by Apple iPhone. Actually, there is no big difference between the two. However, due to the different experience of users, the screen is proven to be good or bad.

Brands TFT Capacitive Touchscreen

Many people chose to use the capacitance screen,it is primarily because that a resistive screen can only use nails to force according to the touch, and I can't contact with skin, because there is no effect with the skin, and then again with her nails touch, not only it is very inconvenient to use, but also uncomfortable, has also not so accurate in click on the screen. Of course, compared with capacitive screens, resistive screens are very cheap, so many businesses like them, because they can save a lot of money. However, resistive screens are inexorably replaced by capacitive screens.

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Let's look at capacitive screens, which is a way to touch the screen and use the phone by using skin contact. Since capacitive screens almost completely solve the drawbacks of resistive screens, many mobile phone manufacturers have started to use them, and capacitive screens have become popular. Capacitive screens are also simple: they use electricity generated by the human body and press the screen to complete the instructions. Generally speaking, when our skin touches the touch screen, the electric current of our body will form a capacitive field with the screen, and then it will be positioned through the control point of the screen, so that the phone can be manipulated. The reason why we can't use our fingernails with capacitive screens is because our fingernails have no current to pass through, so we can't form a capacitor factory with the screen, so naturally we can't control the phone.

So, after we take the gloves in winter, when touching the screen there will be no response, it is because gloves and screen do not produce a capacitive field, but also because of this, when our fingers on the surface of water, at the time of touch screen is easy to make the screen surface current phenomenon in a large area, which also makes the controller can't calculate the accurate finger contact point, because, in its view, the water and our fingers are no difference, because they can form a current, so the general mobile phone touch drift phenomenon will occur at this time, also causes the phone's screen will appear insensitive.

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