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Resistive and Capacitive Touch Screen

Capacitive touch screen is very different from traditional resistive touch screen. Resistive touch screen can only judge one touch point at a time when it is working. If there are more than two touch points, it cannot make a correct judgment. Therefore, resistive touch screen is only suitable for the judgment of simple actions such as click, drag and drop. The multi-touch control of capacitive touch screen can decompose the user's touch into two tasks: collecting multi-point signals and judging the meaning of signals to complete the judgment of complex actions.

Wholesale Resistive and Capacitive Touch

Capacitive touch can be said to be the most popular touch technology in recent years and, essentially capacitive touch is not a new technology, but in early days, capacitive touch was applied to the laptop touchpad, electrical purposes for touch panel, with the import mobile phone application for the Apple iPhone screen for optimization of capacitive touch application, was responsible for the capacitive touch technology market demand, the action to end products industry in order to optimize the capacitive touch screen components quality, continuous optimization to improve the application architecture, also make the capacitive touch technology solutions almost become medium and small screen touch into the first choice.

Resistive or Capacitive Touch Screen Suppliers

Capacitive touch screen is made of multi-layer material fabric. The outer layer is made of glass material with high hardness to prevent scratch, fingerprint and grease. Conductive substrate is set in the middle. The so-called "capacitance" refers to the tracking mechanism of the touch point. The electric field of the screen is changed by the change of the capacitance value when the finger touches the screen. By converting the current change value through touch IC analysis, the position of the user's finger touching the screen can be accurately estimated.

Resistive and Capacitive Touch Screen Factory

Because of capacitive touch technology in feedback contact tracking speed is quite fast, resistive screen is also relatively easy to use, with high light transmittance glass touch screen will not influence the screen display quality, it does not need stylus directly through the gentle touch and the operation will be finished in a convenient way, and early in the imported equipment is given priority to smartphones, capacitive touch screen technology is just on a smart phone market demand soared trend, become the most popular touch screen application technology, in the event that the dosage under the basis of relevant touch chips, panel makers are spending a lot of resources to develop new technology, greatly optimizing the cost and efficiency of capacitive touch screen technology.

Early capacitive touch screen touch products, mostly supply small size for capacitive touch screen area increases, the surface capacitance noise suppression become the technology development bottleneck, but dosage of capacitive touch because the market is sufficiently large, related materials/control chip industry market deeply, willing to invest more resources for the development of new technology, in all sorts of capacitive touch optimization scheme under the blessing, the capacitive touch can already do more than 20 inch screen design, not only successfully growing medium screen making threshold, may further get in medium/large touch screen design market.

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