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The difference between digital screen and analog screen

The difference between the digital screen and the analog screen of the LCD liquid crystal display is not mentioned here about the technical principles. As a digital photo frame user, you should consider their performance. The differences are as follows:
1. The digital screen uses digital signals in the entire process of image processing without distortion and is used in high-fidelity situations; while the analog screen uses analog signals in part of the drive circuit, there will be losses in the signal transmission and conversion process. There is a signal-to-noise ratio problem, so it is generally only used in occasions where the display effect and stability are not high.
2. The digital screen is a progressively scanned high-definition signal, while the analog screen is an interlaced ordinary video signal. For example, for a 7" analog screen digital photo frame, corresponding to the NTSC system TV signal, each frame of image contains 525 scan lines. After removing the reverse scan, 480 lines are effectively displayed. Because it is interlaced scan, each field only contains 240 scan lines. Because For system design reasons, only 234 of them are used when used as an analog screen. The philips digital photo frame uses a 7" digital screen, each frame is one field, and each field is 480 lines, which can perfectly reproduce the exquisite details of the image. 3. The digital screen is suitable for displaying dynamic pictures as well as static pictures perfectly. Early analog screens felt jittery and flickering when they were used to display still pictures (digital photos). In fact, they were only suitable for displaying dynamic images such as TV. However, with the advancement of technology, some analog screens are now able to display static pictures close to the level of digital screens. Consumers should pay attention to the quality of the distinguishing screens when purchasing products.
4. In terms of price, of course the analog screen is cheaper. But in terms of quality, the digital screen is naturally good.
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