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How short and important the ventilators are?

A ventilator, formerly known as a respirator, is a machine designed to help move breathable air in and out of the lungs in the event that a person is unable to breathe by themselves or their lungs are not operating at full capacity.

If the patient only needs the ventilator for a portion of the time, such as while sleeping, they would usually inhale air through a nasal mask. However, if a patient needs long-term ventilator dependence, they will usually receive a tracheotomy cannula; a small slit in the throat that a tube is fed through.

And let ’s look back at the symptoms of  CORONAVIRUS , Coronavirus infects the lungs. The two main symptoms are a fever and a dry cough, which can sometimes lead to breathing problems. And the main reason people need hospital treatment is difficulty breathing.

There are now more than 1.3 million diagnosed cases in the world, and one can imagine how short and important the ventilators are.

China is a top producer of medical gloves, gowns and other crucial equipment – like ventilators – in the treatment of respiratory illnesses, but its industry ministry said on Wednesday that suppliers faced two challenges – huge international demand and limited capacity.And as one of the most important components of the ventilator----LCD Display screen and touch screen, their demand has also increased.


Reshine TFT-LCD display &Touch screens are available in various sizes,such as 2.8" ,3.2”,3.5”,4.0”,4.5”,5.0”,5.5”,6.0”,7.0”,8.0”,10.1”,10.4”,11.6”,12.1”,13.3”,15.6”,19” and 21.5” TFT LCD. Can meet the design requirements of most ventilator models.These TFT LCD modules are including options of TFT panel, TFT LCM with controller board, industry standard TFT LCM, TFT color display, and wide operating temperatures of -20°C to +70°C or -30°C to +80°C,and also Higher brightness (1000-1300cd/m) or wider viewing angle(IPS) displays.

Many of Reshine TFT display modules have more than one interface available including MCU, RGB, TTL ,MIPI and LVDS as well as two touch panels optional in resistive and capacitive technology.


Moreover, we have supplied a lot of medical-grade touch screens and display screens to many ventilator suppliers, so the product quality is very trustworthy.

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