Anti Glare 10.1 inch Touch Screen 1280x800 PCAP

  • Custom China Anti Glare 10.1 inch Touch Screen 1280x800 PCAP, Anti Glare 10.1 inch Touch Screen 1280x800 PCAP Factory, Anti Glare 10.1 inch Touch Screen 1280x800 PCAP OEM
  • Custom China Anti Glare 10.1 inch Touch Screen 1280x800 PCAP, Anti Glare 10.1 inch Touch Screen 1280x800 PCAP Factory, Anti Glare 10.1 inch Touch Screen 1280x800 PCAP OEM
  • Custom China Anti Glare 10.1 inch Touch Screen 1280x800 PCAP, Anti Glare 10.1 inch Touch Screen 1280x800 PCAP Factory, Anti Glare 10.1 inch Touch Screen 1280x800 PCAP OEM
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Anti Glare 10.1 inch Touch Screen 1280x800 PCAP
  • RXC-GG101135A-1.0
  • Capacitive touch panel
  • G+G
  • Stock for standard size samples; 3-4 weeks for mass production; 3 weeks for custom screens
  • 500k pieces per month

Product advantages

This is a standard 10.1 inch GG-structure capacitive touch screen with an GT928 driver IC. The touch screen supports Win 7/8/10 ,Linus systems and Multi-touch.

10.1 inch capacitive touch panel is used on 10.1 inch 1280X800 and 1920X1200 horizaontal type tft lcd display with LVDS&MIPI interface,the FPC is plug type.

In addition, its cover glass, IC and FPC can be customized according to customer requirements .The interface of this touch screen is I2C.

Technical parameters for 10.1 inch capacitive touch screen:

Product name10.1 inch Capacitive Touch screen 
Lens VA218mm*136.64mm
Lens OD257.06mm*170.20mm
Thickness of cover glass0.7mm
Total thickness of touch screen2.5mm
Driver ICGT928
Interface I2C interface
Surface hardness6H
Touch points10 touch points
Operating systemWin7,win8,winCE Linux, Android
Lead timeSamples are available;3-4 weeks for mass production
Trade termsEXW shenzhen
Payment100% Paypal or T/T  in advanc for samples 
30% T/T in advance and 70% before delivery for mass production
Warranty12 months
Customized available

Drawing for 10.1 inch G+G capacitive touch screen:

10.1 inch capacitive touch panel

Capacitive Touch Screen Technology:


1280x800 10.1 touch screen

A capacitive touch screen is a control display that uses the conductive touch of a human finger or a specialized device for input.Unlike resistive and surface wave panels, which can sense input from either fingers or simple styluses, capacitive touch screen panels must be touched with a finger or a special capacitive pen or glove. The panel is coated with a material that can store electrical charges and the location of touch to the screen is signaled by the change in capacitance in that location.

Advantages of Capacitive Touch screen:

  • Good display quality:Capacitive touch screen looks brighter and sharper

  • Highly touch sensitivity and Accurate touch recognition,no force required

  • Supports multi-touch

  • No force required.

  • Long service life

Disadvantages of Capacitive Touch screen:

  • CTPs are usually a little bit more expensive than RTPs

  • Hygiene: since a full finger connection is needed, usually these types of screens are more

  • stained and germ filled than capacitive ones

Custom Pcap Touch Screen- Make your product special:


What parts of touch screen can be customized?

Cover lens

anti glare touch screen

  • Silk printing: Company logo,color,button print

  • Shape: Abnoemity outer dimension,holes

  • Surface treatment: Anti-glare,Anti-reflection,Anti-smudge,Anti-fingerprint coating

  • Thickness: 0.55mm,0.7mm,1.0mm,1.1mm.1.8mm,2.0mm

  • Glass materials: Coening,Gorilla,Asahi,PET,Acrylic

 10.1 inch capacitive touch panel

  • Thickness:0.05mm,0.125mm,0.55mm,0.7mm,1.1mm

  • FPC: location,length,shape,pin number

  • Interface: IIC,USB,COB

  • Driver IC: Goodix,Focaltech,Cypress,EETI

 1280x800 10.1 touch screen

  • OCA optical bonding with tft lcd

  • Air gap bonding

Pros and Cons of Air gap bonding and optical bonding of TFT Lcd with touch screen:


anti glare touch screen

Pros of Air gap Bonding:


·         Lower cost

·         Faster leading time

·         It is not easy to cause interference between lcd and touch screen


Cons of Air gap Bonding:


·         It can be difficult to read the screen in bright light and causes the product to be more susceptible to moisture

          damage and breakage


 10.1 inch capacitive touch panel

Pros of Optical bonding:


·         Improved luminance,enhance sunlight readability

·         Reflection prevention,improved contrast

·         Improved shock resistance,enhance display’s lifetime by protecting display from dust and moisture

·         Condensation prevention

·         Reduced parallax effect and increase optical clarity with bright lighting conditions.

Cons of Optical bonding:


·         Cost higher than air gap bonding

·         It is easy to cause interference between lcd and touch screen



Q. Can you provide OEM service?

A. Yes, we can provide both OEM and ODM service,can customize both resistive touch panel and capacitive touch screens according to customer’s requirements.Customized projects include the shape and size of cover glass,silk print, FPC of touch panel,driver ic replacement,etc..

Q. What is the minimum order?

A. There is no MOQ for our standard touch screens and lcds.(From 2 inch to 32 inch capacitive/resistive touch panel)

A. We deeply know that every customer needs a lot of manpower, material resources and time cost to develop a new project, so we provide “No MOQ” service for every new project in the early stage.

Q. What's your after-sale service?

A. You will get our reply within 24 hours if there is any questions,and solutions will be offered instantly by our professional technical team.

Q.What is your warranty?

A.12 months

Q. What is your advantages?

A. We have some standard products (2.0 inch to 32 inch PCAP )in stock and no tooling&MOQ request.

A. 4000 m2 factory with 500k pieces monthly capacity to meet your need.

A. High quality&low price and high reliability of our touch screens and Ensure long-term supply

A. Complete Projected capacitive touch screen solutions, Sunlight readable solutions, Customization &Design, Optical bonding service.

A. Customization options to Cover glass thickness , shape and surface treatments such as Anti-Glare, Anti-reflective, touch with gloves and water available.

A.Variety selection of touch screen design for different applications.

A. Short lead time, just needs 15 days for customizing samples.

A. Having 12 years of touch screen industry experience, we understand customer's request.

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