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Resistive touch screen

Resistive touch screen is a kind of sensor, which is basically a structure of thin film and glass. The adjacent sides of the thin film and glass are coated with ITO (Nano Indium Tin Metal Oxide) coating. ITO has good conductivity and transparency Sex. Its working principle is mainly through the principle of pressure sensing to realize the operation and control of the screen content. Reshine Display designs and manufactures 4-wire & 5-wire, 3 &4 layers and multi-touch resistive touchscreen products from 1.44 inch to 15.6 inch for a wide variety of industries including medical, aerospace, industrial and retail. Whether your project requires enhanced optics, advanced functionality or multi-touch capabilities, our resistive touchscreens can be manufactured to meet your specifications.

Size RTP Part Number RTP OD(mm) RTP AA(mm)
1.4” RXA-014007-03 31x33.8x1.05 27x27.65
1.7‘’ RXA-017002-01 34.4x46.4x1.25 29.23x36.24
2.4‘’ RXA-024034-01 42.72x59.86x1.15 37.72x49.96
2.4‘’ RXA-024017-01 42.32x59.26x1.15 37.72x51.61
2.7‘’ RXA-027005-01 34.08x60x1.14 29.78x52.97
2.8" RXA-028004-03 49.4x68.6x1.1 44.1x58.15
2.8" RXA-028012-03 49.8x69x1.25 44.2x58.6
2.8" RXA-028022-05 49.6x68.5x1.15 44x58.4
3.0'' RXA-030003-01 42.84x74.71x1.25 37.84x66.31
3.0'' RXA-030011-01 60x60x1.1 50x50
3.2'' RXA-032009-01 52x87x1.5 34x66.52
3.2'' RXA-032011-03 55.74x77.4x1.2 50.2x66.4
3.5'' RXA-035025-09 54.26x83.62x1.2 49.66x74.29
3.5'' RXA-035028-01 76.4x62.7x1.15 71.1x53.6
3.5'' RXA-035043-02 56.24x84.66x1.2 49.96x74.44
3.5'' RXA-035069-01 54.26x82.54x1.2 50.16x76.79
3.5'' RXA-035072-02 76.6x63.6x1.1 70.08*52.56
4.0'' RXA-040001-03 56.74x96.3 52.44x87
4.0'' RXA-040004-01 56.84x96.4x1.2 52.44x87
4.0'' RXA-040012-01 60.98x93.42x1.16 56.28x84.12
4.3'' RXA-043001-01 104.8x65x1.15 98.3x56.6
4.3'' RXA-043001-18 104.8x65x1.15 98.3x56.6
4.3'' RXA-043001-34 104.8x65x1.2 98.3x56.6
4.3'' RXA-043002-01 102x62.5x1.2 95.84x54.66
4.3'' RXA-043005-01 104.7x64.4x1.2 97.2x55.4
4.3'' RXA-043005-04 104.7x64.4x1.2 94.74x53.86
4.3'' RXA-043005-09 104.7x64.4x1.2 97.2x55.4
4.3'' RXA-043009-05 105x66.5x1.2 95.2x53.9
5.0'' RXA-050001-08 120x73.5x1.2 110.7x62.5
5.0'' RXA-050002-01 119.8x73x1.2 108.8x65.6
5.0'' RXA-050002-04 119.8x73x1.2 108.8x65.6
5.0'' RXA-050003-01 117.5x70.2x1.2 111.88x63.83
5.0'' RXA-050003-08 117.5x70.2x1.2 111.88x63.83
5.0'' RXA-050004-01 117.5x70x1.2 111.48x63.43
5.0'' RXA-050004-08 117.5x70x1.2 111.48x63.43
5.6'' RXA-056001-01 126.5x100x1.4 110.9x82.7
5.7‘’ RXA-057002-01 128x98.2x2.2 115.2x86.4
5.7‘’ RXA-057009-02 97x130x1.1 86.5x115.5
6.1‘’ RXA-061004-01 104.7x132.5x1.48 87.38x116.18
6.5‘’ RXA-065004-01 103x140.8x1.1 88x118
7.0'' RXA-070001-01 162x97x1.2 154.4x88.8
7.0'' RXA-070003-01 163.5x98.5x1.4 154.08x85.92
7.0'' RXA-070007-01 161x96.5x1.4 154x87.1
7.0'' RXA-070007-11 161x96.5x1.15 154x87.1
7.0'' RXA-070010-01 164.3x99.3x1.5 152x84.5
7.0'' RXA-070017-02 164.7x98.3x1.2 155.1x86.7
7.0'' RXA-070029-06 165x100x1.45 154.2x87
7.0'' RXA-070036-02 165x99x1.5 154.48x86.98
7.0'' RXA-070037-03 163.3x97.8x1.5 156.1x89.2
7.0'' RXA-070043-01 164.3x98.7x1.1 155.68x87.52
7.5‘’ RXA-075001-03 164.2x103.55x1.45 152.2x90.85
7.5‘’ RXA-075002-01 165.04x104x1.5 152.4x91.4
7.5‘’ RXA-075011-04 164.8x103.8x1.6 152.4x91.4
7.5‘’ RXA-075026-01 120x152.9x1.4 98.4x130.6
8.0'' RXA-080011-R02A 192.2x115.1x1.35 176.64*99.36
8.0'' RXA-080026-01 174x135.2x1.1 163.05x122.5
8.0'' TSA-080021-07 192.2x115.1x1.35 175.64x98.36
8.0'' RXA-080.E 182.5x140.4x1.4 161.7x121.5
9.0'' RXA-090005-02 210.4x125.8x1.5 198.6x112.3
9.0'' TSA-090008-01 210.4x125.8x1.45 198x111.7
10.1'' RXA-101001-03 229.17x148.8x1.45 217.06x135.7
10.1'' RXA-101002-01 235x143x1.4 222.72x125.28
10.1'' RXA-101006-01 234.6x142x1.5 222.72x125.28
10.1'' RXA-101013-01 233.8x148.4x1.53 221.2x130.5
10.1'' RXA-101027-01 145.8x235x1.5 125.3x220.8
10.1'' RXA-101028-01 234.2x145x1.6 223x133.48
10.1'' RXA-101042-01 235x142.5x1.5 222.72x125.28
10.4'' RXA-104001-01 223.1x172.5x1.8 212.2x159.4
10.4'' RXA-104013-01 179.8x230.4x2.2 159.4x212.2
10.4'' RXA-104018-01 188.76x238.76x4.8 159.26x212.09
15‘’ RXA-150010-01 252x328x2.3 229x305
17‘’ RXF-17003-01 379x311.5x2.5 338x271
19‘’ RXF-190001-01 418.8x343.7x2.1 377x302
21.5'' RXF-210002-01 517.64x309.11x2.1 475.64x267.11
5.0'' RAX-050001-02 120x73.5x1.2 110.7x62.5
5.6'' RXA-056009-02 126.5x100x1.5 112.89x84.67



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