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TFT LCD Display

Reshine display offers a wide product range of small to medium sizes TFT display modules in sizes ranging such as 2.4" TFT LCD, 2.8" TFT LCD, 3.2" TFT LCD, 3.5" TFT Display, 4.3 inch TFT LCD, 5 TFT LCD, 5.6 TFT LCD, 5.7 inch Display, 7 " TFT LCD, 8" TFT, 9" TFT, 10.1" TFT LCD, 11.6" TFT LCD, 12.1" TFT LCD , 13.3" TFT LCD (diagonal size of the active area) and so on . Our LCDs are qualified under industrial standard TFT-LCD modules, IPS TFT, High brightness TFT LCD (sunlight readable display), TFT panels with controller boards, Wide Temperature TFT LCD, and Touch screen display. These displays include landscape or portrait modes. Many of our TFT display modules have more than one interface available including MCU, RGB, TTL, LVDS and MIPI DSI. Reshine’s TFT LCD modules are perfect for a number of applications including industrial control, coffee machine, medical equipment, POS system, automation, GPS navigator, white goods, energy control, telecoms, medical equipment and etc.

4.0'' RXL040028-B 480X480 74.66x76.54x2.06 71.86x70.18 RGB
8.0'' RXL080050-A 800X1280 114.6x184.104 107.64x172.224 MIPI
2.4'' RXL024066-A 240X320 42.7X60.26X2.3 36.72x48.96 SPI
2.4'' RXL024074-A 240X320 42.72x58.65x2.4 36.72x65.28 SPI
2.8" RXL028052-B 240X320 50x69.2x2.25 43.2x57.6 SPI
2.8" RXL028052-C 240X320 50x69.2x2.3 43.2x57.6 SPI
2.8" RXL028075-A 240X320 50x69.2x2.4 43.2x57.6 SPI
3.0'' RXL030053-A 360x640 43.44x75.31x2.6 36.72x65.28 RGB
3.2'' RXL032054-C 240X320 53.6x76x2.35 48.6x64.8 SPI
3.2'' RXL032054-D 240X320 53.6x76x2.45 48.6x64.8 SPI
3.5'' RXL035039-E 320X240 76.84x63.84x3.25 70.08*52.56 RGB
3.5'' RXL035039-D 320X240 76.9x63.9x3.15 70.08*52.56 RGB
3.5'' RXL035093-B 320X480 54.5x83x2.17 48.96x73.44 MCU
3.5'' RXL035093-C 320X480 54.48x84.71x2.18 48.96x73.44 RGB
4.0'' RXL040078-B 480X800 57.14x96.85x2.25 51.84x86.4 MIPI
4.3'' RXL043125-A 480X272 105.5x67.2x3.0 95.04x53.86 RGB
4.3'' RXL043079-A 800X480 105.5x67.2x2.95 95.04x53.41 RGB
4.3'' RXL043105-B 480X800 61.56x104.65x2.2 56.16x93.6 MIPI
4.5'' RXL045058-A 480X854 60x109x1.86 55.44x96.64 MIPI
5.0'' RXL050020-A 800X480 120.7x75.8x3.1 108x64.8 RGB
5.0'' RXL050025-B 720X1280 65.3x119.3x1.67 62.1x110.4 MIPI
5.0'' RXL050115-A 480X854 66.1x120.4x1.8 61.56x109.5255 RGB
5.0'' RXL050131-A 800X480 120.7x75.8x2.7 108x64.8 RGB
5.5'' RXL055060-B 1080X1920 70.84x129.01x1.49 68.04x120.96 MIPI
5.5'' RXL055097-A 1080X1920 70.84x129.01x1.49 68.04x120.96 MIPI
6.0'' RXL060087-A 720X1440 70.24x142.43x1.51 68.04x136.08 MIPI
7.0'' RXL070014-B 800X480 164.9x100x5.7 154.08x85.92 RGB
7.0'' RXL070048-B 1024X600 165x100x.3.5 154.21x85.92 LVDS
7.0'' RXL070118-A 1024X768 163.8x97x2.6 154.21x85.92 MIPI
7.0'' RXL070129-D 1024X600 164x97x2.6 154.21x85.92 LVDS
7.0'' RXL070130-A 1024X600 165x100x.5.8 154.21x85.92 MIPI
7.0'' RXL070083-A 800X1280 99.7x160.93x2.6 94.2x150.72 MIPI
8.0'' RXL080045-A 800X480 192.8x116.9x6.4 176.64x99.36 RGB
8.0'' RXL080050-B 800X1280 114.6x184.1x2.6 107.64x172.22 MIPI
10.1'' RXL101100-H 1024X600 235x143x3.5 222.72*125.28 LVDS
10.1'' RXL101031-B 1280X800 229.39x149.14x2.74 216.96x135.6 LVDS
10.1'' RXL101100-A 1024X600 235x143x3.5 222.72*125.28 LVDS
10.1'' RXL101100-C 1024X600 235x143x3.5 222.72*125.28 RGB
10.1'' RXL101031-B 800X1280 143x228.6x2.6 135.36x216.58 MIPI
11.6'' RXL116134-D 1920X1080 263.4x157.22x2.55 256.32x144.18 eDP
11.6'' RXL116134-B 1920X1080 267.9x168.2x2.8 256.32x144.18 eDP
12.1'' RXL121132-B 1280X800 278x184x6.7 261.12x163.2 LVDS
13.3'' RXL133101-A 1920X1080 305.2x188.2x2.6 287x166.2 eDP
13.3'' RXL133101-B 1920X1080 305.2x187.9x2.6 293.76x165.24 eDP
15.6'' RXL156070-A 1920X1080 359.5x223.75x3.3 306.5x193.59 eDP
21.5'' RXL215072-A 1920X1080 495.6x292.2x10.62 476.64x268.11 LVDS



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