11.6 Inch PCAP Touch Panel High Brightness TFT Touch LCD Screen Display Module With Capacitive Touch Screen RXC-GG116169A-1.0

Model: RXC-GG116169A-1.0 
Capacitive touch screen Size: 11.6 inch
Manufacturer: Reshine Display
Light transmittance: ≥80%
Hardness: 6H
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  • RXC-GG116169A-1.0 

  • Reshine Display

Capacitive Touchscreen Displays Advantages:

A capacitive touchscreen panel is made of an insulator, usually glass, that is coated with a transparent conductor.  Capacitive touchscreen displays respond to conductive inputs like a fingertip and don't require pressure to activate a "touch event."

Capacitive touch panels are the more modern and advanced touchscreen option because of their advanced capabilities. They are commonly found in consumer products like smartphones, tablets, appliances, and monitors.

Capacitive touchscreen displays allow for touch gestures and respond to multi-touch inputs. You'll typically be able to enter one to five touch inputs simultaneously, but some capacitive touchscreens can process even more.

Capacitive touchscreens deliver brighter, higher contrast images due to the makeup of their panels. Displays with capacitive touch screens are more durable than resistive touch screens because they are designed with cover glass on their top layer. In fact, all of our capacitive TFT displays have standard 0.7mm thick built-in cover glass and can be further customized for extra durability.


Product Specification:

The structures explanation:

* P+G=PET+Glass (cover lens is PET and touch sensor is glass).

* G+G=Glass+Glass (cover lens is glass and touch sensor is glass).

* G+F/F=Glass+Film+Film (cover lens is glass and touch sensor is film+film).

* CG= Cover Glass, OD= Outside Dimension, VA= Viewing Area.

Product structure for 11.6 inch capacitive touch panel screens:

RXC-GG116169A-1.0 11.6 inch capacitive touch screen drawing

Technical parameter for 11.6''capacitive touch panel screens:



LCD Screen Size

11.6 inch

Total product thickness(mm)


Outline Dimension(mm)


Viewing Area(mm)


FPC Length(mm)




Working Voltage


Drive IC




LCD Type

COF type

Touch type

Multi-touch capacitive touch panel

Operation Temperature


Storage Temperature




Surface Hardness


Pin NO


Pin Pitch



1 year


Reshine Display


Telecommunication Devices

Telephone,interphone,watch,tablet PC,radio,etc

Consumer Products

Camera,DVD player,toy, Cell Phone,game player,etc

Technical Equipment

Elevator controller,Industrial machine,etc

Office Automation

Printer,scanner,attendance machine,fax machine,etc

Home Appliances

Air-condition display,refrigerator,electric cooker,video doorbell,etc


GPS,video player,speedometer,audio broadcast,etc

IT Products

Camera,handheld digital video,projector,media play,tablet PC,etc

Medical Equipment

Ultrasound machine,therapeutic equipment Blood pressure meter,etc

Customized 10.1 Inch 1280X800 P+G Capacitive Touch Screen and TFT LCD Module Optional Optical Bonding LCD Display Screen

Custom Projected Capacitive Touch Screen:

☆ Our capacitive touch panel design can be suitable for housing design from the customers to cover their lens or replace the physical buttons on its original module.

☆ We are also capable of doing the customized shape needed to suit for customer's mechanical design.

☆ With the assistance of the simulation software, equipment with high accuracy and simplifying assembly process, we are capable of making the sample in shorter period and with lower development charge.

Low Cost Cover Fet 3.5 Inch Projected Capacitive Touch Screen, 320X240 Multi Point Touch Screen

                  Lens's Features

> Shape: Irregular and hole

> Color: Silk printing, Logo

> Glass brand: AGC, Corning, CSG, ETC

> Treatments: AG, AR, AF, Anti-explosion

> Thickness: 0.55mm, 0.7mm,1.0mm, 1.1mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm

Sensor Features

> Sensor material: Glass, Film,Film + Film

> Thickness:0.125mm,0.4mm, 0.55mm, 0.7mm, 1.1mm

> FPC: Shape design optional

> IC: Focaltech, Goodix, Cypress, EETI

> Interface: IIC, USB, RS232, SPI


> Optical Bonding with OCA

> Double faced adhesive tape

Our Advantage:

Rich experience

Good knowledge of the displays market to put together solutions that add value and provide a unique proposition for the client

Advanced Equipment

Full automatic FPC&IC bonding machine, film attaching machine, CNC machine, polish machine advance production equipment ensure product quality

Quality Assurance

Advance inspection instrument and equipment to ensure 100% inspection for each and every piece before shipment

Fast response

Quickly realize your customized ideas, and have a sample ready in short time


Depends on product

Stable supply

1~10 years supply period

Extensive range

Providing complete solution from Mono to Color LCD module, Optical bonding between display to cover glass as well as cover glass to touch screen

Large production capacity

PCAP(PCT,CTP)2KK monthly; RTP(resistive touch)5KK monthly.

Quality guarantee

RoHS compliant


ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004

Product Line:

☆ Clean Room class 10k@0.8um, Pressurec 0.8kgf

☆ Antistatic floor, resistance : 1x10 ohm to 1x10 ohm

☆ COG production lines: 4 .

☆ Backlight production lines: 2 .

☆ Existing machine capacity will be 1KK per month.

Certificate for PCAP Touch and Resistive Touch Screens:

We're maker of 2.4''-55'' PCAP & 2.4''-21.5'' Resistive touch screen . Also provide touch screen boned with TFT LCD by air/optical bonding.
Customization products are our advantage, as we have ultral-low development fee, short lead time and high-quality.

REACH,  ROHS,  ISO 9001, ISO 14001,  IATF16949  are certificated.

Certifications-ISO9001, CTP, RTP

Company Strength:

Reshine Display founded in 2007, factory area of 10,000 square meters.

We use international advanced production equipment and has a 10,000-class (local hundred-level) production workshop.

We can provide resistive touch screen from 2.4inch to 21.5inch, capacitive touch screen from 2.4inch to 55inch, and TFT LCD screen.

Also provide touch screen with TFT LCD by air/frame and optical bonding.

Reshine Display factory


1. How can I get some samples?

A: We don't provide free one, but we can have a discount when you reorder according to different quantity, and you will win at least 3% discount. 

2. How do you control quality?

A: All materials we purchase for making any orders are high quality and RoHS compliant, and Control quality with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 management system.

Advance inspection instrument and equipment to ensure 100% inspection for each and every piece before shipment.

3. Does your product have any warranty?

A: Yes, we offer 1year warranty for our PCAP and RTP touch screen products.

4. Do you offer custom touch screen with TFT LCD display solution?

A: Yes, we can offer custom solution if standard products couldn't meet buyer's requirements.

5. What interfaces do you have for capacitive touch panel?

A: Reshine Display have COB, COF type.

6. Can you support custom PCAP and RTP touch panel?

A: Yes, we can, just send your projects and drawings for our evaluation, sales engineer team will help you.

1 days for design technical drawings, 2weeks for samples. 3weeks for mass production.

7. What structure can your capacitive screen be made of?

A: Reshine Display can make four types structures:

G+G: Cover Glass+Sensor Glass

G+F: Cover Glass+Film 

P+G: Pet+Sensor Glass

G+F+F:  Cover Glass+Film+Film

8. What size rangs of the projective capacitive touch screen you can offer?

A: Reshine Display can offer the capacitive touch screen sizes :

2.4"  2.8"  3.5"  4.3" 5.0"  5.6"  5.7"  7.0"  8.0"  10.1" 10.4"  11.6" 12.1"  13.3''  15.6"  18.5"  21.5"  23.8"  27"  32" .


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