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19 Inch Projected Capacitive Multi Touch Screen Panel for touch monitor

Model: RXC-19005GB06
Capacitive touch screen Size: 19 inch
Manufacturer: Reshine Display
Light transmittance: ≥87%
Hardness:  6H
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  • RXC-19005GB06

  • Reshine Display

The 19" PCAP Touch Panel Screen:    


Industrial multitouch 19 inch Pcap touch screen with controller board, superior touch performance, super anti-interference ability. What is more, our touch screen have a optional ILITEK controller board and EETI controller board, you can choose suitable one for your project. If you need cost effective solution, and then you can choose ILITEK controller board. If your application of the product is very strict to the surrounding anti-interference environment, or needs to be touched with thick gloves, or the requirements for touching with water are also very strict, then we recommend you to use the EETI solution. So whether you choose which one solution, we all can do it. It is depend on your idea.



Specification for 19 inch PCAP Touch Panel Screen:    


Reshine Display

Part Number


Product Name

19 inch touch screen panel


Cover glass+Sensor glass



Cover lens outline dimension


Cover lens Viewing dimension


Cover lens thickness


Sensor glass thickness


Total touch screen thickness



ILITEK controller board (EETI controller board Optional)

Touch points


Working voltage


Light transmittance


Surface Hardness


Working Temperature

-10℃~ +60℃

Storage Temperature

-20℃~ +70℃

Without individual tolerance


Operating system

Windows , Android, Linux OS


1 Year Free Warranty

Business trade items



Water resistance, Gloves touch, AG/AF/AG,OEM LOGO



Drawing for 19 inch PCT Touch screen:    




Customization for 19 inch Projective Capacitive Touch Panel Screen:    

About the thickness for CTP touch panel, we all can according to your demand to do it.

Cover glass: 0.55,0.7,1.1,1.8,2,3,4,5,6mm.

Sensor: 0.425,0.55,0.7,1.1,1.8,2,3,4,5,6mm.

OEM cover glass shape,customized LOGO, silk printing color,make transparent hole,real holeand so on.

Anti glare, Anti reflection,Anti finger,Waterproof touch,Gloves touchand so on.

I2C,USB,RS232 Interface available

IC chip on the flexible cable, Chip on the controller board solution available.

ILITEK,EETI,GOODIX,FOCALTECH,SILEADtouch controller and so on.



Application for 19 inch PCT(CTP) Touch screen:    

32 inch projective capacitive touch panel_6    

Product Line for capacitive resistive touch screen:    

☆ Clean Room class 10k@0.8um, Pressurec 0.8kgf

☆ Antistatic floor, resistance : 1x10 ohm to 1x10 ohm

☆ COG production lines: 4 .

☆ Backlight production lines: 2 .

☆ Existing machine capacity will be 1KK per month.




Certificate for PCAP Touch and Resistive Touch Screens:    

We're maker of 2.4''-55'' PCAP & 2.4''-21.5'' Resistive touch screen . Also provide touch screen boned with TFT LCD by air/optical bonding.

Customization products are our advantage, as we have ultral-low development fee, short lead time and high-quality.

REACH,  ROHS,  ISO 9001, ISO 14001,  IATF16949  are certificated.




Company Strength:    

Reshine Display founded in 2007, factory area of 10,000 square meters. As a professional manufacturer that have 17 years touch screen experience and exporter by supply PCAP/ capacitive touch screen, touch sensor glass, touch film and touch display and so on.


We use international advanced production equipment and has a 10,000-class (local hundred-level) production workshop.We can provide resistive touch screen from 2.4inch to 21.5inch, capacitive touch screen from 2.4inch to 55inch, and TFT LCD screen. Also provide touch screen with TFT LCD by air/frame and optical bonding.  

touch panel screen factory-Reshine Display    





1. How can I get some samples?

A: We don't provide free one, but we can have a discount when you reorder according to different quantity, and you will win at least 3% discount. 


2. How do you control quality?

A: All materials we purchase for making any orders are high quality and RoHS compliant, and Control quality with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 management system.

Advance inspection instrument and equipment to ensure 100% inspection for each and every piece before shipment.


3. Does your product have any warranty?

A: Yes, we offer 1year warranty for our PCAP and RTP touch screen products.


4. Do you offer custom touch screen with TFT LCD display solution?

A: Yes, we can offer custom solution if standard products couldn't meet buyer's requirements.


5. What interfaces do you have for capacitive touch panel?

A: Reshine Display have COB, COF type.


6. Can you support custom PCAP and RTP touch panel?

A: Yes, we can, just send your projects and drawings for our evaluation, sales engineer team will help you.

1 day for design technical drawings, 2weeks for samples. 3weeks for mass production.


7. What structure can your capacitive screen be made of?

A: Reshine Display can make four types structures:

G+G: Cover Glass+Sensor Glass

G+F: Cover Glass+Film 

P+G: Pet+Sensor Glass

G+F+F:  Cover Glass+Film+Film


8. What size rangs of the projective capacitive touch screen you can offer?

A: Reshine Display can offer the capacitive touch screen sizes :

2.4"  2.8"  3.5"  4.3" 5.0"  5.6"  5.7"  7.0"  8.0"  10.1" 10.4"  11.6" 12.1"  13.3''  15.6"  18.5"  21.5"  23.8"  27"  32" .



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FAQ About Reshine Display

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  • Q What sizes and types of touchscreen displays do you offer?

    A We offer a wide range of touchscreen displays, including capacitive, resistive, and TFT LCD displays, in sizes ranging from 2.4 inches to 32 inches. This diverse selection allows us to cater to various applications and industry needs.

  • Q What is your typical lead time for both standard and custom orders?

    A Our typical lead time for standard orders is 3 weeks, while custom orders may vary based on complexity and requirements. We strive to meet your timeline needs and provide accurate delivery estimates.
  • Q Are there any additional costs associated with customization?

    A Customization may involve additional costs depending on the complexity and specific requirements. We provide transparent pricing and will give you a detailed quote before starting the project.

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