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7.0 Resistive Touch Screen

Resistive touch screen Size: 7 inch
Working voltage: DC5V
Insulation resistance: ≥20MΩ/25V (DC)
Linearity: ≤1.5%
Response time: <10ms
Light transmittance: ≥78%
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  • RXA-070001-01

  • Reshine Display

7-inch 4 wire resistive touch screen Operation Principle:

A 4-wire resistive touch screen is a type of touchscreen technology that detects touch input by measuring changes in electrical resistance. It consists of four main components: two transparent layers of conductive film (ITO film), separated by a small gap, and a touch input is registered when pressure is applied to the screen, causing the two conductive layers to come into contact.

One of the main advantages of a 4-wire resistive touch screen is its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. However, it has some limitations compared to other touchscreen technologies. For instance, it can only detect single touches at a time, lacks multi-touch capabilities, and is less accurate and less responsive compared to technologies like capacitive touch screens. Nonetheless, 4-wire resistive touch screens have been widely used in various applications, including industrial control panels, and handheld devices.

Product Spec:

The 7-inch four-wire resistive touch screen structure is film+glass. 

Outline Dimensions: 162mmX97mm, viewing area: 156mmX89.5mm, active area: 154.4mmX88.8mm. 

Display error is less than &plusmn;1%, 100000 touch points per square inch, FPC flexible cable length is 30.3mm.

7'' 4 wire resistive touch screen Advantage:

●  A relatively reliable range of applications

●  Accurate and stable performance

●  The cost of use is not high, and the cost-effectiveness is good

●  The touch screen surface also has a considerable selection of bright and foggy surfaces, etc

7'' 4 wire resistive touch screen Application:

●  Retail server

●  Query machine

●  Office automation

●  Medical equipment

●  Sales terminal POS

●  Voting, ticket sales and lottery sales

●  Production control panel for automatic workshops/equipment

●  Industrial panel PC

●  Kiosk

7'' 4 wire resistive touch screen Quality Assurance:

The raw materials of Reshine Display's 4wire resistive touch screen are all well-known brands in China, and are protected by FDS press-fits with different manufacturers' protective films. 

The result is a longer use of Reshine Display's 4wire resistive touch screen life. 4wire resistive touch screen is highly sealed to IP65 standards, and each touch screen is tested for 3H pencil hardness by ASTM D3363. Already passed REACH, ROHS, ISO9001 etc certification.


Company Strength:

Reshine Display founded in 2007, factory area of 10,000 square meters. 

We use international advanced production equipment and has a 10,000-class (local hundred-level) production workshop. 

We can provide resistive touch screen from 2.4inch to 21.5inch, capacitive touch screen from 2.4inch to 55inch, and TFT LCD screen. 

Also provide touch screen with TFT LCD by air/frame and optical bonding.

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Resistive touch screen Size: 7 inch

Working voltage: DC5V

Insulation resistance: ≥20MΩ/25V (DC)

Linearity: ≤1.5%

Response time: <10ms

Light transmittance: ≥78%

X:200-900Ω Y:200-900Ω

Surface treatment: Matte anti-Newton ring.

Operating pressure: 50-120g

Operating temperature: -10℃~+60℃≤90%RH

Storage temperature: -20℃~+70℃≤90%RH

Surface hardness: ≥3H

Pencil dotting life: ≥ 1 million times

Pencil line test: ≥30,000 times

Resistive touch screen application: industrial control, military field, commercial and super integrated equipment, security (smart home),

medical equipment, automation equipment, etc.

1 X-
2 Y+
3 X+
4 Y+


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FAQ About Reshine Display

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  • Q What sizes and types of touchscreen displays do you offer?

    A We offer a wide range of touchscreen displays, including capacitive, resistive, and TFT LCD displays, in sizes ranging from 2.4 inches to 32 inches. This diverse selection allows us to cater to various applications and industry needs.

  • Q What is your typical lead time for both standard and custom orders?

    A Our typical lead time for standard orders is 3 weeks, while custom orders may vary based on complexity and requirements. We strive to meet your timeline needs and provide accurate delivery estimates.
  • Q Are there any additional costs associated with customization?

    A Customization may involve additional costs depending on the complexity and specific requirements. We provide transparent pricing and will give you a detailed quote before starting the project.

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