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How Can I Find Out My 7-inch LCD Screen's Resolution?

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How Can I Find Out My 7-inch LCD Screen's Resolution?

A 7-inch LCD screen's resolution is a crucial component, and it frequently serves as a gauge for the screen's overall quality. Are you familiar with the resolution of the 7-inch LCD screen? Did you know that the resolution can tell you additional details about the 7-inch LCD screen? Reshine is going to share it with you today.

1. Using the resolution of the 7-inch LCD screen to judge horizontal and vertical screens

How can I determine the resolution of the vertical and horizontal screens? It's very easy to understand. For instance, in 720*1280, a vertical screen occurs when the front number 720 is smaller than the back number 1280. Additionally, 1280*720 indicates that the screen is horizontal and that the number behind is less than the number in front.

2. Assessing the visual impact based on the resolution of the 7-inch LCD screen

It is very simple to understand that richer displayed colors correspond with higher resolution and better display effects with more pixels. 720*1280, 1024*600, and other high resolutions are available on a standard 7-inch LCD screen.

3. Calculating the screen's aspect ratio based on the resolution of the 7-inch LCD

It is a given that anyone familiar with the 7-inch LCD screen industry has heard of aspect ratio. A 7-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1024*600, for instance, has a 16:9 aspect ratio. How is the computation done here? The formula, which is the result of dividing the resolution is which 7-inch LCD screen is a few ratios, can be found online and used directly. For instance, what is the 1280*800 screen to 7-inch LCD ratio? 16:10 = 1.6666, 1280/800 = 1.6. Next, there is a 7-inch LCD screen with a 1280*800 resolution, which is 16:10.

Are you understanding now that you've read the information above? The resolution of the 7-inch LCD screen allows you to determine not only the screen's display effect but also its aspect ratio and whether it is a landscape or portrait screen.

4. How Can I Assess a 7-inch LCD Screen's Color Gamut?

Numerous parameters are always present on a 7-inch LCD screen. We are all aware of the 7-inch LCD screen's resolution, size, brightness, interface, etc., but many laypeople are unaware of its color gamut. I hope that this explanation of a 7-inch LCD monitor's color gamut from Reshine will help you better comprehend these screens.

4.1 LCD display's RGB interface parameters

7-inch RGB user interface LCD screens come with a wide range of parameter specifications as well. The resolution of a 7-inch LCD screen with RGB interface is 800*480, 1024*600, and so forth. Nonetheless, the majority of 7-inch LCD screens with RGB interface are horizontal. The viewing angle is compatible with both TN and IPS 7-inch RGB interface LCD screens. It is possible to attain a brightness range of approximately 2000 high brightness and 400 ordinary brightness, so you can select a 7-inch rgb interface LCD screen with varying specifications based on your needs.

4.2 The 7-inch LCD monitor's color gamut

A 7-inch LCD monitor's color gamut can be defined as its color area, or the range of colors that the displayed color can display. To represent the color range, we use a triangle area. The displayed colors are more vibrant and lifelike the wider the color gamut covers. However, in typical situations, the 7-inch LCD screen's color gamut will only partially cover the triangle, not entirely; the more of the triangle it covers, the better the display effect.

4.3 The significance of 7-inch LCD monitors' color gamut

The 7-inch LCD screen's color gamut has a direct impact on how well it displays, making it another crucial parameter to consider. So how should the color gamut be assessed? Is it visible to the unaided eye? The color gamut of a 7-inch LCD monitor is typically measured by precise machine testing, and the results are finally determined by testing the color accuracy in the test report. This is because human eyes are not capable of measuring this gamut. In short, the greater the coverage, the richer the colors displayed in playback images and videos, and the more comfortable the visual effect appears for users.

Do you have a basic understanding of the color gamut of the 7-inch LCD screen after reading the introduction above? If you want to buy a 7-inch LCD screen, Reshine will recommend the best 7-inch LCD screen for you based on the specifications of your industry. Related product: 7 Inch Lcd Display with Hdmi.

5. Time-limited. Sales Promotions for 7-inch and 10.1-inch Android Touch Panels

As the electronic components market grows, LCD Android touch panels are increasingly being used in everyday life. As we can see, LCD display modules have a large market and a diverse operational environment in industry and commerce. To express gratitude for our new and old customers' support and great kindness, Reshine Display is preparing to launch Time-limited Sales Promotions, to consolidate friendly and cooperative relationships with our clients. In this exciting activity, the top products that we are ready to give back to our customers are a 7-inch LCD Android touch panel and a 10.1-inch display module. Then we'll go over the features of our promotional products in detail.

5.1 7-inch Android LCD module

Although 7-inch Android LCD touchscreens are popular worldwide, some customers may be concerned about the project cost. As a result, our promotional item is the ideal solution to allay their concerns. The promotional price for the 7-inch Android LCD display is very competitive, but it also meets our customers' basic development and application needs. This product is primarily used for client projects that require a low cost and a simple user interface while also fulfilling the basic functions of the project. Despite the low price, the RK3128 high-efficiency chip and 7-inch Android LCD display provide powerful functionality. Meanwhile, the capacitive touch and TFT color LCD screens significantly improve the performance of our products.

5.2 10.1-inch Android touch panel

The 10.1-inch Android touch panel offers a wider range of indications and can display more images, making it popular in the global market. The promotional product of the 10.1-inch Android baseboard is of high quality and competitive price; with the RK3128 and RK3188 chips, it can handle customer development systems efficiently. Furthermore, the FTF color LCD panel enhances the screen's beauty, while the capacitive touch increases its sensitivity.

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