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Introduction To The Industrial Touch Screen

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Introduction To The Industrial Touch Screen

1. Application of Industrial Touch Screens

The industrial touch screen is an intelligent interface that connects people and machines via a touch-sensitive industrial display. It is an intelligent operation display terminal that substitutes conventional control buttons and indicators. It can be used to configure parameters, show data, monitor device status, and visualize automated control processes using curves and animations. Today, Reshine discusses the application of industrial touchscreen products.

A. The industrial touch screen film surface is the touch surface, or the front side of the product, whereas the glass surface is the non-touch surface or the rear.

B. The industrial touch screen component is made of glass, and the glass corners are sharper; please use gloves and finger sets when assembling.

C. The industrial touch screen part is brittle glass and does not have a significant impact on the touch screen when assembled.

D. To avoid pulling the lead wire, do not take it straight and instead pick up the LCD screen.

E. The bending line on the lead wire reinforcement plate cannot be bent.

F. No section of the lead wire can be folded.

G. The lead wire should be inserted horizontally during assembly. Do not insert it at the stiffener's root.

H. The product should be handled as a single piece. Handle it lightly to avoid the products clashing and scratching the product's surface.

I. To clean the surface of the product, use a soft cloth (deer skin) and petroleum ether.

J. Avoid wiping the surface of the touch screen film with a harsh organic solution. Such as industrial alcohol.

K. Do not stack the touch screen; instead, utilize the tray.

L. Please consider the following items when designing the assembly and frame:

a. The fixed touch screen frame's pillars must be located outside of the touch screen's visible region.

b. The frame's edge must be beyond the touch screen's operation region, and the frame side must not exert pressure on the visible area of the operation section.

c. It is advised that the fixed touch screen be made of plastic, with the front section padded with soft material.

d. Do not apply the corrosive adhesive to the surface of the touchscreen.

2. Discussing the Causes of Failure of Industrial Touch Screen

In today's high-tech society, industrial machinery is gradually becoming more technologically advanced. Many firms utilize industrial touch displays to control machines. It is simple and quick to use, just like the mobile phones used during peacetime. Industrial touch screens play an essential role in machine manufacturing and industrial management by facilitating and enhancing efficiency. Then some machines fail unexpectedly after lengthy hours of labor, resulting in a significant loss in production efficiency. So, what's the reason for the failure?

When the touch function fails on the touch screen, try entering offline mode to see whether the fault spot has burned out. If the failure is caused by a burned-out backlight, we can temporarily restore the touch function of the touch screen by following the procedures below (the Proface GP series touch screen is shown below).

To enter offline mode, click on the three corners of the touch screen. After entering the offline mode, click "INITIALIZE", then "SET-UP-I/O", and finally "SET-UP-TOUCH-PANEL". When the "USE-TOUCH-PANEL-AFTER-BACKLIGHT-BURNOUT" option appears, select "YES" to continue using the touch feature after the touch screen backlight fails.

Designers will strengthen the backlight detecting function in industrial touch screens to prevent misoperation. When the backlight burns out, the touch function is automatically disabled. However, the touch screen function is currently normal, thus the aforementioned action can be used to temporarily enable the touch feature so that the device can continue to be used. However, as equipment maintenance personnel, we must repair the touch screen's lighting as soon as feasible to avoid equipment failure or even safety mishaps caused by erroneous touch screen activation.

3. The industrial touch screen is more sensitive and functional

It is vital to ensure that instruments and equipment used in industrial management are of high quality, and the principle that must be followed is to strive for higher precision while continuously improving its sensitivity. Industrial touch screens have been widely used, not only the advantages of product quality are obvious, but more importantly, in industrial production and application practice, under the basic conditions of effective management and application, the precision of industrial use is high, so the quality requirements of products. Strictly speaking, it is quite a typical habit to choose products from superior brands.

To improve the professional level of management, in current industrial production practice, the quality requirements of industrial touch screen goods have become the most significant feature. The concept of industrial application is to ensure good product quality and reliability, as well as to have the best product function matching. Higher standards in industrial applications are critical to assuring the quality of their products, particularly sensitive requirements that fulfill the needs of the application to the maximum extent possible and become the ideal conditions for preferred comparison products.

To create the best comparison choices for industrial touch screens, it is vital to prioritize good product quality to achieve professional application guarantees based on greater quality. Sensitivity has the advantage of being the basic condition as well as the key and focus of comparison decisions. A more sensitive criterion is necessary to ensure its proper application. Online professional comparison options make it easier to choose better products. This is the premise and objective that many industrial manufacturing businesses will focus on in their applications. It is the main point.

4. Discussing the primary categorization of industrial touchscreens

This product is well-known and widely used in the industrial touchscreen market. For example, mobile phones, tablets, and other smart wearable devices that we use daily are all examples of industrial touch screens. As can be seen, industrial touch screens are frequently used. However, many individuals are unclear regarding its classification. Do you understand its major classification? Alternatively, listen to Reshine for everyone's introduction. Here is the Custom Touch Panel 7 Inch Tft Touch Lcd Screen Display Module With Resistive Touch Screen.

Resistive industrial touch panels are controlled by pressure sensors. The screen is tiny and can be displayed by touching any item, however it is easily scratched.

The capacitive inductive touch screen uses the human body's current sensing system. Although high resolution and light transmittance can meet all criteria, the insulating media cannot.

The infrared touch screen is recognized and positioned via infrared on/off. The user selects a baffle with good light transmission performance and anti-reflective treatment to get a pleasing visual impression. However, because the volume of the infrared emission tube is limited, high-density infrared rays cannot be emitted, resulting in a low-resolution touch screen.

A surface acoustic wave touch screen is a sort of ultrasonic wave, which is a mechanical energy wave that propagates in a shallow layer on the surface of a hard media like glass or metal. The technology is stable, and the controller of the surface acoustic wave touch screen calculates the touch point by monitoring the position of the decay moment on the time axis, resulting in excellent precision. However, it necessitates a demanding working environment. Dust in the air can cover the reflective strips or transducers around the touch screen, affecting the system's proper orientation.

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