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The application of capacitive touch screen in the kiosk

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The application of capacitive touch screen in the kiosk

Capacitive touch screen is a touch screen technology based on the principle of capacitance, with positioning, fast response, multi-touch and other characteristics. Compared with the traditional resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen is more sensitive, more accurate touch, more sensitive collection force collection. Screen, just a light touch to realize the operation.

Advantages of the capacitive touch screen in the kiosk:

1. Improve user experience: capacitive touch screen has a very high experience and fast response, the user can operate by lightly touching or sliding fingers to achieve a more careful and smooth interaction.

2. Multi-touch: Capacitive touch screen supports multi-touch, users can use multiple fingers to operate at the same time, to achieve more flexible operation, such as to improve the zoom in and out, rotate, etc., work efficiency.

3. Convenient operation: All-in-one PCs are usually used to display multimedia content or to carry out complex operational tasks, capacitive touch-screen fast response thus making the operation more convenient, the user can directly touch the screen to select, drag and so on, eliminating the need to use the mouse or keyboard operation.

4. Space saving: the original design of the all-in-one machine is to save space, and capacitive touch screen can be directly integrated in the display, eliminating the space occupied by external equipment, making the entire all-in-one machine more compact.

The application of capacitive touch screen in the all-in-one machine enhances the user experience and ease of operation, making the all-in-one machine more intelligent and efficient. As an advanced touch technology, capacitive touch screen in the future development and application will continue to innovate and bring more convenience and enjoyment to users.

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