The Application Trends of TFT LCD Display

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The Application Trends of TFT LCD Display

One of the striking features of modern society is the wide range of large and small display screens, particularly in technology, where the screen can be very thin. In general, the LCD screen takes up the majority of the screen. There are three main LCDs on today's LCD screens: LED, OLED, and CRT. LCD is a low-cost, stable display that first appeared on the LCD screen. TFT LCD is still widely used in a variety of fields and situations, and it is a key component of today's mainstream LCD display.

Advantages of TFT LCD

1. A positive user experience

Tablet usage is increasing as people use cell phones more. We are used to using TFT LCD screens, whether for the display effect, performance, or because they are more in line with the user experience, and TFT LCD screens are also a good realization of the human-computer interaction function. Its thin and light appearance saves the machine's internal space, making it portable and convenient.

2. TFT LCD screen manufacturing technology has matured

TFT LCD screen production technology is maturing, standardization is increasing, yield is relatively high, the likelihood of defective products is low, and it is suitable for harsh environments, complex environments, dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, and other functions can be achieved to adapt to different industries, and mature solutions are available for different industries.

3. Low production cost

Production costs for TFT LCD, LED, OLED, low- and mature technology, fully automated production equipment, etc., are determined by the low-cost characteristics of TFT LCD. In short, the TFT LCD screen is an important device in the LCD display; it is an integrated core of a variety of functions; its "control system", is its soul, on behalf of the technical level of the LCD display. In a sense, it is through the emergence of this module, that the LCD has not been eliminated by the LED, so the LCD can again have vitality and continue to play a role for mankind.

TFT-LCD liquid crystal display: what interface type

LCD means liquid crystal display, which is often referred to as a liquid crystal screen; TFT means thin-film field effect transistor. TFT-LCD means TFT controls liquid crystal pixels of the LCD, which is the most commonly used category of many LCDs. TFT-LCD is a component, that is often referred to as a liquid crystal screen component. It mainly consists of liquid crystal panels, backlighting, light-absorbing film, a row and column drive circuit, and a timing control circuit (often called a logic board). Often called logic board). Often referred to as the TFT-LCD interface, it refers to the LCD screen components and the motherboard (also known as the signal processing board or signal board) connected to the interface, that is, the logic board signal input interface.

In many liquid crystal displays, TFT-LCD signal interfaces include SPI, MCU, RGB, LVDS, MIPI, eDP, HDMI, and so on. Among

1. Small-size TFT-LCD LCD interface

and small size TFT-LCD LCD screen generally refers to the following 3.5 inches, and such a small TFT-LCD LCD screen, the resolution is relatively low, so the speed of transmission is relatively low, so they are using a low-speed serial interface, generally RGB, MCU, SPI, etc.; 720P below can be covered.

2. Medium-sized TFT-LCD screen interface

Medium-sized TFT-LCD LCD screen general size, including 3.5 inches to 10.1 inches between the general resolution of the medium-sized TFT-LCD LCD screen, the screen also uses high resolution, so the transmission speed is relatively higher requirements. Common medium-sized TFT-LCD LCD screen interfaces include MIPI, LVDS, EDP, and RGB, etc.; RGB is more commonly used; MIPI vertical screen is relatively more commonly used; LVDS is used more horizontally; and EDP is generally a higher resolution of the TFT-LCD LCD screen to use.

3. Large-size TFT-LCD LCD screen interface

A large-size TFT-LCD LCD screen of 10 inches or more can be listed as one of the large-size general-use interface types, including EDP, HDMI, VGA, etc., and this type of interface type is very standard, generally plugged in, can be used directly without the need to do the conversion, is easy to use, and is fast.

TFT-LCD LCD screen interface from the size of the distribution is probably the case, but it is also applied in different industries or products that have specific rules. In our daily screen test to confirm the interface type, this is particularly important; otherwise, it will lead to not getting out of the picture or burning the screen, so we should be familiar with the various types of interfaces to better use them.

TFT LCD different application scenarios on the performance requirements

Nowadays, it is widely used in various fields, covering all corners of our daily lives. We all know that TFT LCD screens have different specification parameters, such as size, resolution, interface mode, brightness, operating/storage temperature, etc., which are different from each other. Here we analyze from the perspective of TFT LCD application scenarios and briefly introduce the performance requirements of each application area for TFT LCD.

1. Smart Wearable, Handheld Device Applications

Some small and lightweight products need to use TFT LCD screens, mainly smart wearable, industrial, and medical field handheld devices. They have their requirements for the performance of related devices, such as smart wearable devices, which usually require a wider viewing angle, good visibility in the sun, high definition, and touch. The devices used in handheld instruments require durable performance and service life.

2. Instrumentation, small and medium-sized fixed product applications

Such application scenarios mainly include automotive LCDs, fixed instrumentation displays, smart home displays, and so on. Such demand for device customization requirements is high and should have the ability to work stably for a long time. With these characteristics as a basis, to protect the corresponding function of long-term use and avoid frequent maintenance and replacement of the user's experience and work efficiency,

3. Display-type product applications

This type of use is most common in traditional homes and public places with display devices, such as elevators, stations, meeting rooms, and other locations where advertising machines and display screens are used. This type of TFT LCD screen typically requires a wider viewing angle, a longer service life, the ability to adapt to changes in temperature and humidity in a semi-outdoor environment, and, in some cases, the ability to support touch.

TFT LCD screen is widely used in a variety of scenes and fields due to its high definition, high brightness, high contrast, and other advantages. Simultaneously, the needs of the application field guide TFT LCD screen technology innovation so that it can be better used in various fields to achieve more applications.

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