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The Maintenance Method of LCD Display

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The Maintenance Method of LCD Display

Since the introduction of LCD monitors, the majority of consumer groups have liked and favored them due to their thin and light design, beautiful, healthy energy-saving features, and numerous other benefits. However, the delicate and easily damaged LCD monitors leave many users befuddled during the use and maintenance process. I gathered the information to inform you more about the knowledge of LCD maintenance, and I hope to provide you with some assistance.

1. Water Moisture is the first "natural enemy" of liquid crystal.

We should have had such an experience because if the cell phone or electronic watch LCD screen is submerged in water or an extremely humid environment, the display of the digital image becomes blurred or even invisible. The destructive power of water vapor on the LCD screen is astounding. As a result, we should place the LCD in a drier environment and avoid allowing moisture to enter the LCD internally. Click here for 7 Inch Lcd Display with Hdmi.

2. Dust

LCD is easy to get dust. Over time into a large flower face, use the natural unpleasant. If you find the surface of the display has a stain, that can be dipped in a little water with a soft cloth gently wipe it away, do not sprinkle water directly onto the surface of the display, water into the LCD will lead to a screen short circuit.

3. Fire

The fire referred to here is the high pressure of the LCD. Never attempt to disassemble or change the LCD, even if the LCD is closed for a long time after the background lighting components in the CFL converter may still be with about 1000V high pressure, for the human body, this is a dangerous value.

4. Collision

The quality of the display and the internal liquid crystal molecules of the display can be damaged during the process of violent movement or vibration, resulting in a greatly reduced display. Furthermore, LCDs contain a lot of glass and sensitive electrical components to avoid strong impact and vibration; falling to the floor or other similar strong blows will result in screen or other unit damage.

5. Touch

The more "noble" things are more "fragile", LCD is no exception. If you touch the LCD with your finger, the screen will produce a circle of water ripples, which is a phenomenon common to LCDs, direct contact with the LCD very easily causes damage to small lines and devices on the LCD, the most common scenario is the production of the so-called "bad spot.

6. Shutdown

Reasonable use and effective maintenance of the LCD's service life are critical. Many people, for the sake of convenience, do not turn off the monitor at the same time after the shutdown, which severely shortens the monitor's life. In general, do not leave the LCD turned on for an extended period (more than 72 hours). LCD has a feature in the display image, which is that if the continuous display of fixed content for a long time, some of the pixels of the LCD will be overheated and the resulting damage should be noted. For example, nothing to turn off the monitor, pay attention to the operation of the screen saver program or let it display all white screen content, do not let the brightness of the monitor be too high, which are all hands, can extend the life of the LCD monitor.

7. Can I rub the LCD screen with alcohol?

LCD screen is widely used in modern electronic products the display, due to their high definition, low power consumption, thin and lightweight portability, and other advantages, LCD screen has become an indispensable part of people's lives, however, in daily use LCD screen will also be subjected to a variety of pollution and stains of the invasion, and this time we should how to clean the LCD screen? Some people will think of wiping directly with alcohol, but is this correct?

Alcohol is an organic solvent with good solubility and volatility, so it is widely used in cleaning, disinfection, and other fields. The cleaning effect of alcohol is really good for some materials, such as glass, metal, and so on, but the material and structure of the LCD screen and these materials are different, so the cleaning effect of alcohol is not necessarily good.

First and foremost, alcohol has a high volatility and is easily evaporated; however, the alcohol volatilization will remove some of the LCD surface grease and protective layer, resulting in damage to the screen's surface; secondly, alcohol has a certain degree of corrosiveness; if used improperly, the surface of the LCD screen will produce scratches, discoloration, and other adverse effects, and may even lead to the failure of the LCD screen.

So, how to properly clean the LCD screen? Here are some correct cleaning methods:

(1) Use a clean and soft cotton cloth or professional LCD screen cleaning cloth for cleaning, do not use towels and other materials of the fabric, so as not to produce fluff or filaments, resulting in damage to the surface of the LCD screen.

(2) Before cleaning, turn off the power of the LCD screen, so as not to generate current during cleaning, causing damage to the LCD screen.

(3) Before cleaning, remove the dust and stains on the LCD screen with a professional vacuum cleaner or soft brush, so as not to rub the dust and stains onto the LCD screen surface during the cleaning process and cause scratches.

(4) Wet the cleaning cloth, and gently wipe the LCD screen, do not use too much force, so as not to cause surface scratches, if there are stubborn stains on the surface of the LCD screen, you can use a professional LCD screen cleaner sprayed on the cleaning cloth, and then wipe.

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