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Touchscreen technology for electric vehicle charging stations

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Touchscreen technology for electric vehicle charging stations

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain popularity, the demand for reliable and user-friendly charging solutions is on the rise. The user interface is a critical aspect of a successful EV charging station, and touchscreen technology has emerged as a popular choice for providing an intuitive and interactive experience. But EV charging stations provide some unique challenges when creating user displays. since the display will be used outdoors, it’s important to consider its weather resistance, including resistance to UV exposure, immersion, water, and dust.

EV Charger Display Challenges:

1. Outdoor EV charger displays may also be exposed to a wide range of temperatures, which can impact the performance of critical components and affect the screen's readability. These temperatures will, at some point, fall into the extreme category.
2. There is also the challenge of a screen that can be read in bright sunlight and dark conditions. The displays need brighter screens even in the sunlight than the standard LCD solution illustrated.
3. There are always issues with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electromagnetic interference (EMI), and associated national and international standards. Furthermore, low power consumption is a must, especially related to sustainable, environmentally friendly designs such as EVs.

Solutions for EV Chargers:

Touchscreen technology offers several advantages for EV charger applications. First, it allows for a more streamlined and user-friendly interface than traditional physical buttons and switches. This can help to reduce confusion and make the charging process more efficient. Additionally, touchscreens can provide real-time feedback on charging progress and other important information, making it easier for drivers to monitor their charging sessions.

The touchscreen displays from Reshine Display are made using anti-glare etched glass to aid daylight readability of the display. The height and location of the display and connectors have been carefully considered to ensure easy access and viewability for all, including disabled users. This is the most effective solution for EV chargers. They have a reputation for being sharper and brighter than a typical LCD when a partially reflective mirror layer is included between the backlight and the LCD, which turns part of the reflected ambient light into a portion of the light source for the LCD. There are TFT LCDs on the market that meet the requirements for EV chargers, including resistance to common weather issues (e.g., temperature, exposure to water and dust), excellent power efficiency, readability in all lighting conditions, and good EMC performance.

Reshine Display, a manufacturer of touchscreen displays uses in applications such as ATMS, gaming machines, information kiosks, and POS systems, has created a rugged and with a high brightness capacitive touch display for use in charging stations that are built to provide a more contemporary experience and withstand all-weather use. Contact us to find out how our Touchscreen TFT LCDs can change your design EV chargers.

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