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What Safety Measures Are Included in A Custom LCD Screen?

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What Safety Measures Are Included in A Custom LCD Screen?

The LCD panel will be used in an increasing number of industry terminals as technology advances. Custom LCD screens are becoming more and more in demand, though, as standard-size LCD screens aren't always appropriate. How can I personalize my LCD screen? What safety measures? The maker of the LCD screen will then explain it to you.

1. Assess the bespoke LCD screen's requirements

Recognize the requirements of terminal customers about LCD screen size, resolution, brightness, interface, form factor, AA area size, PIN definition, temperature range, service life, and touch screen specifics. To guarantee that they offer a solution that meets and surpasses their particular needs, wholesale TFT LCD wholesalers must place a high priority on learning about their client's requirements and expectations. It should be mentioned that the more specific the demand list is, the more we need to create and send it to the LCD manufacturer. This is advantageous for the mold opening work that will follow, and it is advisable to supply matching drawings to save a great deal of time and money on early communication.

2. Verify the LCD screen's drawing

After receiving an order, LCD manufacturers usually design within a week and send drawings to the terminal buyer for approval. When purchasing LCD screens, you should pay close attention to the following: silkscreen, letterpress, test frame series; lithography film production (electrode x2, border, silver dot, PI, test PCB); outline design drawings; drawing modifications; mold fabrication; and design layout. Ultimately, the confirmation drawing must be signed by you for the LCD screen maker to forward it to the appropriate vendors for mold opening and modification.

3. Verify the LCD screen samples

Following verification of the drawings, the wholesale TFT LCD screen manufacturer will set up and typically disclose the precise proofing cycle. This primarily depends on how challenging it is to produce the product. Modules typically require 20 days to fully prove, whereas assemblies often require 25 days. The LCD screen maker will put the samples through rigorous testing after receiving them before delivering them to the terminal buyer. After obtaining the samples themselves, terminal customers can additionally do additional testing and debugging. When purchasing LCD panels, the customer must attest that the sample is in good condition and sign a confirmation sample to be sent to the LCD screen manufacturer for small batch production. Click here for Custom Touch Screen Display.

These are the safety measures for customizing an LCD screen. Finding a genuinely powerful manufacturer is essential when selecting an LCD screen supplier; try to assess the other party's strength as well. Reshine Technologies specializes in LCD screen modification, therefore it's a wise decision!

4. Three Justifications for Personalized Color LCD Displays

With more and more finished goods employing personalized color LCD screens as intelligent product display terminals, customizing TFT color displays is growing in popularity. Are you familiar with this phenomenon? Proculus Electronic Technology can help you comprehend why more and more producers are offering customizable color LCD screens today.

4.1 There is a significant homogenization of TFT color LCD products, and differentiation is established

A plethora of intelligent terminal products have been introduced in recent years. Customized TFT color LCD screens are becoming more and more common as people's notions advance and more sophisticated products adopt color LCD screens in place of the original keys or antiquated code screens.

4.2 The enhancement and refinement of novel TFT color LCD merchandise

Many terminal devices could not be strictly classified as intelligent products in the past because they were unable to actualize color LCD panels, which are the focal point of human-computer interaction. A lot of conventional terminal products display digital and other basic pictures using keys or code screens. Customized TFT color LCD screens are becoming more and more common as people's notions advance and more sophisticated products adopt color LCD screens in place of the original keys or antiquated code screens.

4.3 TFT color LCD brands' power

Creating brand effects is another aspect of terminal manufacturers' customization of color LCD screens; for this reason, they require specific customization, silkscreen logos, and other elements. It is a really smart decision to customize color LCD screens in this way.

TFT color screen technology is already getting close to production maturity, with excellent yield rates and a strong likelihood of mass production. For instance, color LCDs now have a 99.8% yield rate. The reason for the steadily declining manufacturing costs and rising color LCD screen prices is due to the advanced and automated production technology of these screens. This is the reason why a lot of terminals use LCD screens with color.

Currently, color LCD screens are widely utilized in many different sectors, and it is anticipated that in the future, more industries will employ color LCD screens. The TFT color LCD screen's invention has also boosted other sectors. Customizing color LCD screens has grown popular, however when choosing a product, strive to utilize the customized color LCD screen of the same model as much as you can. This can cut procurement costs by concentrating on procurement and lowering R&D expenses.

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