What you should know about LCD displays

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What you should know about LCD displays

We are all aware that our bodies emit static electricity, which can sometimes reach dozens or hundreds of volts of high-voltage static electricity. LCD in use, installation, and use should be cautious, and static electricity should be eliminated.

A positive charge in a resting state causes electrostatic induction. People usually encounter this situation in daily life during the dry and windy fall: the night undressed at night to sleep, black raspy often hear a crackling sound, accompanied by high-definition blue light. When you meet and shake hands, your fingertips just touch, and you suddenly feel the tip of your finger pricked like a needle, which makes people terrified.

When you comb your hair in the morning, it will frequently "float" down, and the more you manage, the busier you will become. Pulling the door handle will result in an "electrocution accident," with a "pop, pop, pop" sound. This will manifest as electrostatic induction in the human body. Mountain plates, electrical heel plates with capacitors, diodes, and other components, which are generally allowed to pass through the flow of electricity and are not large, are found in most electronic devices and electrical products. If the body is subjected to more electrostatic induction, as seen on the motherboard following the electric heel, the resulting electric flow can penetrate the components, causing destruction.

So the general hardware factory production before wearing anti-static work clothes and wearing insulated tools. How to correctly anti-static LCD display? Today Reshine Display will give you a detailed introduction:

LCD display anti-static techniques:

1. Must not use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning treatment, because it will also produce a strong electrostatic induction. Another is dry, which will also bring static induction, thus, the operating room environment humidity needs to be above RH60%.

2. Do not use force to touch the outer conductor, the line on the motherboard, and the metal frame. If you have to contact, you should make the human body and the control module to maintain the same potential difference.

3. Roads, operating tables, tables and chairs, iron shelves, carts, and special tools in the middle of the resistor should be generated to touch to maintain the same potential difference.

4. Electrostatic induction penetration is a kind of irreparable destruction, try to pay attention to it, can not be neglected. Remove or put into the bag or move position, also need to pay more attention, do not have to release static electricity. Don't just change the outer package or discard the original package.

5. Operation of electric screwdriver tools, etc. must be excellent grounding device, and no electricity, need to pay attention to the problem of welding soldering iron used must be excellent grounding device, and no electricity.

Characteristics of LCD display

1. LCD display screen resolution can be very high, the general cell phone ppi (image resolution per foot) can do more than 300. 2.

2. LCD customization: LCD grayscale is large, and can indicate a wide range of hues.

3. Show high quality: because the LCD displays every point in the data signal after receiving that kind of color and chromaticity has been maintained, stable light, and not like cathode ray display (CRT) that have to constantly update the flash point.

4. There is no electromagnetic radiation: the traditional display material is luminous powder, according to the ion beam collision luminous powder shows that the ion beam in the luminous powder into the moment will produce strong electromagnetic radiation, although at this stage there are many display commodities in the solution to the source of radiation on the problem to solve, as far as possible to reduce the intensity of the radiation, but In terms of avoiding radiation sources, a liquid crystal display screen has inherent advantages because it simply does not store radiation sources.

In terms of radio wave prevention, LCD displays have a distinct advantage. It employs a strict sealing technology that will come from the optical coupling circuit of a small amount of radio waves closed in the display, and the general display can release heat, so it is necessary to let the internal power supply circuits and the air touch as much as possible, so that the internal structure of the power supply circuits generated by the radio waves may be a large number of outward.

Angle of LCD Display

In your daily life, you may have noticed that the LCD screen, from various angles, is different from the actual effect. From the center of the LCD display and side view, the intensity of the light in the human eye is not the same. For the same photo, it is, a dark phenomenon the saturation is not the same. Combined with the concept of perspective, the human eye can accept the saturation range, the corresponding angle of the LCD screen is perspective.

The angle of the LCD screen is a headache. When the backlight is based on the polarizing film, the LCD screen, and the fixed item layer, the exported light possesses specificity. That is to say, the vast majority of the light source is emitted vertically from the display because when you look at the LCD display from a higher angle, you can't see the original color or even just all of the milky white or some of the gray and black.

Market LCD Display only needs a horizontal viewing angle of 120 degrees, and, a vertical angle of 140 degrees, will be able to meet the business needs of most consumers. The new LCD monitors choose wide-angle lens technical production, up to 140 degrees, about 150 degrees, reducing the inconvenience caused by the LCD monitor angle being too small. Naturally, this type of characteristic can not be compared with close to more than 180 degrees CRT monitors, but for most of the application software is already enough.

Selection of Bright LCD

LCD monitors are required to have different functions because of the differences in application fields. For example, the outdoor use of the liquid crystal display needs to have a high brightness function. High brightness LCD screen brightness, and contrast are higher than ordinary LCD screen. Ordinary LCD screen in bright light is generally not easy to recognize the image, it can be in a very strong natural environment under sunlight to give a better viewing visual effect. LCD screen custom manufacturers: So how do we choose high-brightness LCD screens?

1. Select the LCD panel brand that confirms the value of the product, The commercial key well-known brands general high brightness LCD screen manufacturer key will choose to LG's LCD panel. Naturally, others can also be, usually Each well-known brand of large specification LCD screen glass high-temperature resistance is not the same, and the price also has some differences.

2. High brightness LCD backlight uniformity, General manufacturers of high brightness screen uniformity may also do 65% -75%, better manufacturers of uniformity can reach 75% -85%, and point type can reach 90% -95% above. Naturally, the price of a well-done high-brightness screen is not the same.

3. High brightness LCD screen chromaticity, Generally A good bit of high brightness screen chromaticity is high, but it will be more gentle and does not shake eyes. It is not equivalent to the illumination of the backlight, the brightness value is a color fat rate value, related to the color saturation of the screen, saturation, and its backlight illumination. So see very light screen does not necessarily reach the brightness value specified by everyone. The human eye sees that the luminosity, luminosity by the natural environment, indoor space size, and other aspects of the hazard, measured by instrumentation is the chromaticity. Click here for 5 Inch High Brightness Lcd Display.

4. The ambient temperature is the source of concern in this case. A good bit of high brightness LCD screen made of low output power, with relatively low heat emitted. This key is the most important component in the LED backlight packaging process and its application of light efficiency. The processing technology is not up to standard, light efficiency cannot be improved, and the likelihood of heat emission from the bright screen is also increased. At the same time, the professional technology must be heated to reduce the temperature of the backlight and ensure that the LED backlight starts normally.

5. A High-quality bright screen is not just a good light source. We try to choose a professional manufacturer when selecting.

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