2.8 resistive touch screen

Resistive touch screen Size: 2 8 inch
Working voltage: DC5V
Insulation resistance: ≥20MΩ/25V (DC)
Linearity: ≤1.5%
Response time: <20ms
Light transmittance: ≥76%
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2.8-inch 4 wire resistive touch screen Operation Principle:

10.4 inch resistive touch screen 01

A 4-wire resistive touch screen is a type of touchscreen technology that detects touch input by measuring changes in electrical resistance. It consists of four main components: two transparent layers of conductive film (ITO film), separated by a small gap, and a touch input is registered when pressure is applied to the screen, causing the two conductive layers to come into contact.

One of the main advantages of a 4-wire resistive touch screen is its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. However, it has some limitations compared to other touchscreen technologies. For instance, it can only detect single touches at a time, lacks multi-touch capabilities, and is less accurate and less responsive compared to technologies like capacitive touch screens. Nonetheless, 4-wire resistive touch screens have been widely used in various applications, including industrial control panels, and handheld devices.

Product Spec:


The 2.8-inch four-wire resistive touch screen has a 4:3 aspect ratio and the touch screen structure is PET+F. 

Outline Dimensions: 49.4mmX68.6mm, viewing area: 45.1mmX59.46mm, active area: 44.1mmX58.15mm. 

Display error is less than ±1%, 100000 touch points per square inch, FPC flexible cable length is 13.3mm.

2.8'' 4 wire resistive touch screen Advantage:

●  A relatively reliable range of applications

●  Accurate and stable performance

●  The cost of use is not high, and the cost-effectiveness is good

●  The touch screen surface also has a considerable selection of bright and foggy surfaces, etc

2.8'' 4 wire resistive touch screen Application:

●  Retail server

●  Query machine

●  Office automation

●  Medical equipment

●  Sales terminal POS

●  Voting, ticket sales and lottery sales

●  Production control panel for automatic workshops/equipment

●  Industrial panel PC

●  Kiosk

2.8'' 4 wire resistive touch screen Quality Assurance:

The raw materials of Reshine Display's 4wire resistive touch screen are all well-known brands in China, and are protected by FDS press-fits with different manufacturers' protective films. 

The result is a longer use of Reshine Display's 4wire resistive touch screen life. 4wire resistive touch screen is highly sealed to IP65 standards, and each touch screen is tested for 3H pencil hardness by ASTM D3363. Already passed REACH, ROHS, ISO9001 etc certification.

 Certifications-ISO9001, CTP, RTP

Company Strength:

Reshine Display founded in 2007, factory area of 10,000 square meters. 

We use international advanced production equipment and has a 10,000-class (local hundred-level) production workshop. 

We can provide resistive touch screen from 2.4inch to 21.5inch, capacitive touch screen from 2.4inch to 55inch, and TFT LCD screen. 

Also provide touch screen with TFT LCD by air/frame and optical bonding.

Reshine Display factory

Our Showroom-RTP & PCAP

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它由四个主要组件组成:两层透明导电膜(ITO 膜),中间有一个小间隙隔开,当对屏幕施加压力时,两层导电层会接触,从而记录触摸输入。
18.5英寸五线电阻式触摸屏,长宽比为16:9,触摸屏结构为G+F。 尺寸:429mmX235.6mm,可视面积:412.97mmX234mm,驱动面积:409.37mmX230.4mm。 显示误差小于±1%,每平方英寸100000个触摸点,FPC软排线长度为110mm,(纵向线(Long side Outgoing line),),接口为双排2x5、2x6针方插座,直径为 0.0635 毫米。
显示误差小于±1%,每平方英寸100000个触摸点,FPC软排线长度为110mm,(纵向线(Long side Outgoing line),),接口为双排2x5、2x6针方插座,直径为 0.0635 毫米。
4 线电阻式触摸屏是一种通过测量电阻变化来检测触摸输入的触摸屏技术。 它由四个主要组件组成:两层透明导电膜(ITO 膜),中间有一个小间隙隔开,当对屏幕施加压力时,两层导电层会接触,从而记录触摸输入。 4 线电阻式触摸屏的主要优点之一是其简单性和成本效益。 然而,与其他触摸屏技术相比,它有一些局限性。 例如,它一次只能检测单点触摸,缺乏多点触摸功能,并且与电容式触摸屏等技术相比,准确度较低且响应速度较差。 尽管如此,4线电阻式触摸屏已广泛应用于各种应用,包括工业控制面板和手持设备。 产品图纸:
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● 性能准确稳定
● 相对可靠的应用范围
公司实力: 瑞翔显示成立于2007年,工厂面积10000平方米。 我们采用国际先进的生产设备,拥有万级(本土百级)生产车间。 我们可以提供2.4英寸至21.5英寸的电阻式触摸屏,2.4英寸至55英寸的电容式触摸屏,以及TFT液晶屏。 还通过空气/框架和光学粘合提供带有 TFT LCD 的触摸屏。

Resistive touch screen Size: 2 8 inch

Working voltage: DC5V

Insulation resistance: ≥20MΩ/25V (DC)

Linearity: ≤1.5%

Response time: <20ms

Light transmittance: ≥76%

Surface treatment: glossy anti-scratch;

Operating pressure: 30-100g

Operating temperature: -20℃~+60℃≤90%RH

Storage temperature: -20℃~+70℃≤90%RH

Surface hardness: ≥3H

Pencil dotting life: ≥ 1 million times

Pencil line test: ≥1,000,000 times

Product application: industrial control, military field, commercial and super integrated equipment, security (smart home),

medical equipment, automation equipment, etc.



4 线电阻式触摸屏是一种通过测量电阻变化来检测触摸输入的触摸屏技术。

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