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How many industries are implementing projected capacitive touch technology

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How many industries are implementing projected capacitive touch technology

Because of their sophisticated characteristics, projected capacitive touch panels are progressively replacing decades-old resistive touch technology. Projected capacitive touch technology has surpassed practically every area needing touch input, whether it be multi-touch functionality, light touch activation, or durability to survive extreme operational circumstances.

Here are some of the industries that make extensive use of this technology to ensure smooth operations:

Real-Time Monitoring for Food Processing:

Thanks to rapid advances in computing technology, food processing firms can now conduct their operations more efficiently. However, food processing industries must embrace automation due to increased customer demands and stringent food safety laws.

Food industry:

Food processing, on the other hand, is frequently done in washdown facilities. Industrial cleaning chemicals are used to prevent food contamination, and food processors are required to wear gloves at all times. Panel PCs with projected capacitive touchscreen technology provide excellent enclosure compatibility and water and moisture resistance. Furthermore, projected capacitive touch displays enable users to explore an application while wearing light gloves.

ATM with a User-Friendly Interface Kiosks:

ATMs are considered speedier self-service machines where consumers may perform numerous financial transactions quickly. However, if the panel PC used in ATMs is not designed for continuous usage, it might lead to equipment failure and consumer frustration.

Furthermore, if the ATMs are located in low-light environments, reading may be an issue. Due to screen glare or limited display visibility, users may have difficulties carefully navigating the system. A projected capacitive touch screen is the ideal solution for an ATM update. Light touch activation with smooth motions, excellent light transmission, and image clarity are features of projected capacitive touch sensors that allow users to process ATMs in a dynamic and hassle-free manner.

Improved Distribution Facilities:

Real-time data processing, including receiving order details, scanning and tracking goods, and moving commodities, is required of distribution centers. As a result, distribution companies demand an effective warehousing system.

Computing technology has become an essential component of distribution facility operations. Installing an industrial-grade panel PC with projected capacitive touch panels is a fantastic choice for distribution facility computation. They have excellent readability and clarity. Even in low or bright lighting circumstances, operators can see the data on the screen clearly and carry out any distribution tasks.


Industrial PCs with projected capacitive touch panels are built to withstand extreme conditions. They are scratch, abrasion, and vandal-resistant, and can be used in harsh conditions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Operators can quickly streamline their business operations while increasing output rate and quality.

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