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How to correctly use a capacitive touch LCD screen?

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How to correctly use a capacitive touch LCD screen?

Avoid using objects or hard objects to touch the screen, scratching or damaging the screen surface.

Try to avoid using your finger joints or fingernails to operate the screen, as the upper parts of these parts are opposite to each other and may cause damage to the screen.

Avoid applying excessive pressure on the screen surface to prevent indentation or damage to the screen.

Keep the screen dry and avoid touching liquids or operating with wet hands to prevent liquids from seeping inside the screen and causing damage.

Avoid hitting the screen with a straight line or hard object to prevent the screen from breaking through.

Clean the screen regularly, please use a soft clean cloth to gently wipe the screen surface, avoid using chemical cleaners or solvents to prevent the screen surface from being corroded or damaged.

Avoid touching the screen continuously for a long time, once the screen heats up too much, the impact lasts.

Overall, using the right capacitive touch LCD screen, gentle operation, keep it dry and clean, avoid excessive pressure and scratches on the screen surface, you can extend the duration of the screen and maintain a good touch experience.

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