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The Principles And Advantages of Capacitive Touch Screen AG, AR, AF, Mirror Surface Treatment

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The Principles And Advantages of Capacitive Touch Screen AG, AR, AF, Mirror Surface Treatment

The surface treatment of AG, AR, AF, mirror for capacitive touch screen, the purpose of surface treatment is to improve the visual effect of the touch screen, reduce reflection, and increase anti -pollution performance. Better touch and visual experience.

Better touch and visual experience

AG (Anti-Glare): Reflective treatment, reducing the reflection of light through surface texture, physical coating, etc., thereby reducing the brightness of the screen surface and providing a better display effect. The principle is to scatter the light to different directions to reduce the intensity of the reflection of light, thereby reducing reflection.

AG Advantage:

Reduce light reflection and make the screen clearly displayed in the outdoor or strong light irradiation environment.

Reduce glare and reduce eye fatigue brought by the screen for a long time.

It can effectively reduce the visibility of pollutants such as fingerprints and oil stains on the screen.

AR (Anti-Reflection): Anti-reflective treatment, to reduce the reflection of light by using a layer or more optical coating, thereby reducing the mirror reflectance of the screen surface and providing better visual effects. The principle is to use the interference and reflection of light to reduce the reflection of light.

AR advantage:

Provide a higher light transmission rate to make the screen display clearer and higher brightness.

Reduce mirror reflexes, so that the screen can still maintain good visibility in a bright environment.

Increase the contrast of the screen and enhance the details and color restoration of the image display.

AF (Anti-Fingerprint): Anti-fingerprint treatment, reduce the visibility of fingerprints on the screen through special design and treatment of surface coating, thereby maintaining the screen cleanliness.

AF advantage:

Reduce the traces of fingerprints on the screen and keep the screen clean and texture.

Provide a good feel when touching the touch screen operation and reduce sliding resistance.

Improve the wear resistance and easy cleaning of the screen.

Mirror surface treatment: By using special coating or processing on the screen surface, it has a mirror effect to enhance the appearance texture and visual effect of the product.

Mirror advantage:

Provide high reflectivity and mirror effects to increase the appearance of the product.

The display effect is brighter and more colorful.

Increase the sliding flatness and feel of touch screen operation.

It should be noted that the principles and advantages of different treatment methods can be different according to specific products and needs.

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