Why do industrial touch screen manufacturers use resistive touch technology?

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Why do industrial touch screen manufacturers use resistive touch technology?

The touch screen industry has taken a big leap over the years, in terms of technology and functionality. However, regardless of several advanced touch technologies, manufacturers of industrial displays still trust resistive touch screens.

Reshine Display, the top manufacturer, and supplier of an innovative range of touch screens, has elevated the features and functions of traditional resistive touch technology to match today’s demanding industrial usage. Resistive touch screens by Reshine Display are the most economical, durable, and reliable resistive touch screen sensors with advanced performance features. They are ideal for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and military applications where rugged durability and dependability are required.

Resistive touch screens have, no wonder, revolutionized the manufacturing of rugged touch displays. Here are more reasons why industrial touch screen manufacturers use resistive touch technology.

Waterproof Solution for Industrial Touch Screens

For industrial purposes, touch display manufacturers typically offer waterproof LCDs; thus, they need waterproof touch screens. Resistive sensors fulfill NEMA 12/4 and IP65/66 environmental exposure regulations and can be sealed effortlessly in an industrial display’s bezel.

But for a more reliable and complete waterproof solution, no other technologies can beat Reshine Display’s resistive touch screens that can be operated underwater indefinitely. They are designed with a waterproof external glass layer that protects against water and moisture exposure. Glass/PET switch layers in resistive touch screens don’t allow water to permeate through this Glass/PET top switch layer to hamper the sensors.

Pressure-Operated Screens

Resistive touch screens are pressure-sensitive, which means anything that pushes against the sensor surface registers a touch. One apparent benefit is that a user may use a stylus made of almost any material, which is very convenient when a high-precision touch is required, and the fingertip is just too large. Another advantage is the ability to use the screen while wearing gloves including heavy work gloves. An operator wearing thick protective gloves can easily operate an touch screen equipped device.

For the Surface Durability

Many food and beverage sector facilities work with “no exposed glass” guidelines. This is for a good reason as there’s no scope for a piece of glass to break off an industrial touch screen and end up in a customer’s microwaveable meal! Standard resistive touch screens consist of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) layers, making the application safer for use in the food industry.

For Multi-touch Operation

Both Reshine Display’s standard resistive products as well as glass armoured resistive products are available with Reshine Display’s patented 2-touch controller designed to provide 2-touch operation with 5-wire resistive sensors. This will facilitate common multi-touch operations such as pinch, zoom, and rotate functions.

On the other hand, rugged outdoor applications require some solid and resilient interface that most touch screen technologies fail to provide, but Reshine Display’s resistive touch solutions do not. Resistive touch screens are, in fact, designed with a durable borosilicate glass surface that is resistant to scratches and abrasion and supports the longevity of the application.


Reshine Display is the pioneer in the touch screen technologies business. They offer the most reliable and innovative solutions for touch displays used in industrial and commercial setups. When it comes to rugged durability for commercial, industrial, and other applications, their patented resistive touch screens stand out. They combine the characteristics of a durable glass surface with the benefits of standard resistive touch screens.

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