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Abnormal Shape Processing of The Touch Screen

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Abnormal Shape Processing of The Touch Screen

The principle and technology of the abnormal shape processing of the touch screen.

The touch screen is processed in order to adapt to different screen shapes and sizes.

Shapes and sizes of the touch screen

Common touch screen shapes include rectangle, circle, oval, etc., while different devices may have different screen shapes and sizes, such as smartphones, tablets, televisions and so on.

The abnormal processing can ensure that the operation area of the touch screen is consistent with the display area of the screen, and avoid dead corner or misoperation of the touch operation.

For example, heteromorphic processing on a circular touch screen ensures that the touch point is within the display area of the screen, while the area around the screen does not respond to touch operations. In addition, alien processing can also enhance the user experience. The abnormal processing according to the screen shape and size of the equipment can make the operation of the touch screen more in line with ergonomics and improve the comfort and convenience of the operation.

All in all, the abnormal processing of the touch screen can adapt to different screen shapes and sizes, ensure that the operation area is consistent with the screen display area, and improve the user experience.

The process of abnormal processing of touch screen is more complex than that of ordinary touch screen, which requires not only the impact of shape changes on components in the process of processing and manufacturing, but also a higher level of technical and equipment support. However, the touch screen special-shaped processing can meet the needs of some special application scenarios, such as curved screen, vehicle navigation and so on.

The abnormal processing of the touch screen

The abnormal processing of the touch screen can be carried out through the following steps:

1. Design:

First of all, according to the need for special-shaped shape, use the design software for drawing design.

Ensure that the design meets the required size and shape requirements.

2.Make mold:

Make the corresponding mold according to the design drawing.

CNC machine tools or 3D printing technology are usually used to ensure that the mold can accurately copy the desired shape.

3. Processing touchscreen panel:

Use a mold to press or cut the touchscreen panel to match the desired shape.

This process requires care to ensure that the touchscreen panel is not damaged.

4. Trimming edges:

For machined touchscreen panels, there may be some uneven edges or burrs.

It can be trimmed with sandpaper or other suitable tools to make its edges smooth.

5. Quality inspection:

After the completion of special-shaped processing, carry out quality inspection to ensure that the performance and appearance of the touch screen panel meet the requirements.

This includes checking the sensitivity, transparency and other relevant indicators of the touch screen.

In short, the special-shaped processing of the touch screen needs to carry out the steps of designing, making the mold, processing the touch screen panel, trimming the edge and quality inspection to ensure that the special-shaped touch screen meets the requirements.

Today we share a 12.1-inch industrial capacitive touch screen made of a special shape, using EETI touch solution USB interface, support for outdoor, waterproof touch control to wear industrial gloves touch screen, shape size 238.00mm*299.79mm, Graph for visual area 184.20mm*245.10mm.

Structure, which supports Windows, Linux, iOS and Android systems.

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