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What is high brightness LCD screen?

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What is high brightness LCD screen?

High brightness LCD screen is higher than the ordinary LCD screen brightness products, high brightness LCD screen brightness can reach 2000nits, while the general brightness of the LCD screen in the 500nits or so, in the outdoors is unable to see clearly. The high brightness LCD principle is its backlight luminous brightness, brightness can be higher than the maximum outdoor brightness of 2000nits or more, in the outdoor light is still clear and visible.

High brightness LCD screen features:

1. High-performance white LED backlight module

Ultra-low power consumption of blue light technology brings high functionality and ultra-stable working condition of LCD screen.

2. Low voltage constant current drive system

Low-voltage driving circuit design brings excellent safety functions to the device.

3. LED preheating function

LED is unique in low-temperature environments and still can operate at normal temperatures.

4. Intelligent light-sensitive function

Adjust the screen brightness actively according to the environment brightness to show the best effect of the LCD screen.

5. Over or under-temperature maintenance function

At low temperatures, with an active temperature regulation function, to prevent frostbite on the LCD screen; at higher temperatures, more than the normal operating limit of the LCD screen to actively turn off the backlight, the temperature returns to normal operation, to achieve the maintenance effect.

6. TFT LCD high brightness characteristics

In addition to achieving the fundamental product requirements, TFT LCD design is also client-focused, addressing the various usage requirements of clients. The TFT LCD's most fundamental optical requirements are brightness, contrast, reaction time, and viewing angle.

TFT LCD hign brightness display is a function of display transmittance and backlight brightness. A TFT LCD's brightness can frequently be increased by boosting the backlight's brightness. Due to the increased temperature of the backlight, a side effect of this high-brightness design countermeasure is an increase in cost and numerous other quality and reliability problems. The TFT LCD transmittance needs to be improved in order to fundamentally increase the brightness of the design countermeasures. In particular, the elements of pixel opening rate, liquid crystal transmittance efficiency, polarizer transmittance, and CF transmittance can all be used to enhance the display's transmittance. The full outcome of pixel design and material design, covering a wide range of characteristics, is transmittance design.

The link between several parameters and display quality is complex, using transmittance as the starting point. High-quality display devices typically have PPI values that are very large, or the same display size at a greater resolution, but low pixel opening rates and low transmittance rates.

Similar to this, a large CF chromaticity domain is needed to improve the LCD screen's capacity to reproduce color, however CF countermeasures to increase the chromaticity domain will result in decreased CF transmittance rate. Second, different display modes have varying transmittance levels. IPS and VA modes offer greater viewing angles but lower transmittance than TN types. Designers can only create perfect TFT LCD goods by thoroughly understanding the transmittance-related aspects.

The application range of high-brightness LCD screens:

Bus stops, outdoor advertising devices, charging piles, gas stations, courier cabinets, self-service query machines in telecommunications bureaus, tax operation bureaus, banks, and hospitals, electronic news reading boards in city streets, parks, and schools are just a few of the many uses for the high-brightness LCD screen. Additionally commonly utilized in the domains of industry, security, commercial displays, media, and real estate. High-brightness LCD screens will become a larger and more commonplace feature of our lives in the future thanks to advancements in technology and ease.

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